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Windows Alien Klaxon Emitting Undesirable Porridge

A USB device, it emits copious amounts of cold porridge together with a warning alarm should any extra terrestrials attempt to abduct you while you sleep.

Well, cold porridge deters most intelligent life...

Have a feeling it defies gravity too, so could form an impenetrable shield over the user.

Of course, various skins would be available via (cold milk skin, custard skin etc.)
-- Skybird, Dec 30 2000

Portable Bernard Bresslaw http://www.halfbake...0Bernard_20Bresslaw
You can conclude, if the PBB is there when you awake, the aliens have finished their evil work and have returned him home with no memory of the events. [reensure, Dec 30 2000]

Warn of Any Killers Eating Uncle Patrick
-- badoingdoing, Dec 30 2000

I've heard of porridge guns before, but with a rather different meaning (and if you don't know what I'm talking about then just don't ask!).
-- DrBob, Jan 02 2001

[DrBob] I don't think those come with a klaxon. Er, then again...
-- phoenix, Nov 05 2001

Boy do I wish I had this device last time I was abducted... Tried oatmeal but it failed... And the USB part I can use it with my laptop when not sleeping at home with my desktop computer...
-- forgeman, Sep 30 2002

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