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Cuddly alarm clock

"Wake up Teddy" is a big cuddly bear that sleeps in your bed and asks you what time you want to wake up. Instead of the terror inducing bleep of clocks past, it wakes you up with a volume-ever-increasing tune of your choice.
-- Trodden, Dec 19 2002

(?) sunday school play - I wanted to be a teddybear - they made me a tree, oh the humiliation! http://www.geocitie.../7438/lyrics68.html
click on the title of the piece [po, Oct 04 2004]

How about to wake you, baby (Teddy) bear says, "And someone's been sleeping in my bed AND THERE SHE IS!" At this point, the much larger daddy (Teddy) bear clamors on to the bed and kicks your ass.
-- bristolz, Dec 19 2002

The more aggressive Grizzly TM version comes for those deep sleepers.
-- Trodden, Dec 19 2002

Combining such an unpleasant function with a likable-looking object would not make me, at least, either enjoy being woken or like said object.

[bris]'s idea is funny though.
-- Gwenanda, Dec 19 2002

I thought this was going to be about some - um, arousing negligeé
-- thumbwax, Dec 19 2002

Oooh, I like it. Totally bakeable, and saleable methinks...
-- RayfordSteele, Dec 19 2002

I think asking the wake up time is not farfetched. The voice recognition vocabulary is restricted to just those words having to do with time as is the context. That greatly reduces both complexity and error. To make it friendly Wake Up Teddy can confirm the time to the user, either as a small wake-up time display or synth voice reply that repeats the wake-up time back to the user.

The ass-kicking part is probably harder to pull off . . . .
-- bristolz, Dec 19 2002

I like it too, but maybe for the big boys, a grown-up, blown-up teddy in a teddy for cuddling on cold nights.
-- FarmerJohn, Dec 19 2002

A Sad Tale: 7 year old child with Wake Up Teddy awakens to ever louder loop of "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" by Wham! Said child remains in bed with teddy bear playing music, enjoying the music, bopping and giggling, and paying no attention to the need to get out of bed and get ready for school. Music and child's giggling proceed to drive everyone else in the house mad. Teddy gets thrown out the window on its first day of use.

Nonetheless, I like it. What if the bear did a vibrate giggle upon wakey time as well? Perhaps before the music even kicks in. Kind of like cell phones that are on vibrate, then ring.
-- XSarenkaX, Dec 19 2002

[po]- For whatever reasons, that song used to terrify the hell out of me up until about 5th grade. Still creeps me out.
-- AfroAssault, Dec 20 2002

Wake-Me-Up-Before-You-Go-Go Teddy would be good for bed-wetters
-- thumbwax, Dec 20 2002

R. Lee Ermey Wake Up Teddy: at the appointed time, it starts yelling at you like a rabid drill-instructor: "You still asleep, you worthless pile o' puke? What is your major malfunction?!?"
-- Pharaoh Mobius, Dec 20 2002

"Is this what I am to wear upon waking?" she asks, holding up the small bundle of lace.
-- bristolz, Dec 20 2002

If you ever wake up.

I think I prefer the version that [bristolz] just mentioned.
-- half, Dec 20 2002

funnily enough, we all do. for different reasons :)
-- po, Dec 20 2002

Gee, that's funny...I don't remember mentioning my reasons.
-- half, Dec 20 2002

UnaBubba mentioned it.
-- po, Dec 20 2002

hence - //arousing negligeé//
-- thumbwax, Dec 20 2002

"hence - //arousing negligeé//" I never said it was original to [bristolz]. No offense [thumbwax], but for some inexplicable reason it just sounded like a better idea when a woman said it.
-- half, Dec 20 2002

ooops. Sorry about that [TW]. I missed your earlier anno. I'll gladly strip mine off if that's what you want.
-- bristolz, Dec 20 2002

-- XSarenkaX, Dec 20 2002

delete your anno and I will never speak to you again :)
-- po, Dec 20 2002

No, no, no - not dibbing dibs - just offering a thumbs up to the fairer sex's choice of attire. What hetero male wouldn't want an alarm clock made of lace and flesh to press?
-- thumbwax, Dec 20 2002

I dunno, I think I have to go with [Gwenanda] on this one. If my teddy woke me up I think I would feel betrayed. I guess that's probably telling me that I should get more sleep <she says as she looks longingly at her bed>.
-- madradish, Dec 21 2002

//What hetero male wouldn't want an alarm clock made of lace and flesh to press?//

Something about that quote makes me uneasy... Oh, I know what it is, the word "an."
-- AfroAssault, Dec 21 2002

Didn't some movie already have something similar? Was it built by the character played by Michel Fox in "back to the future"? A toy with a smooth female voice wakes him up, praising how wonderful he is...
-- almost_there, Dec 21 2002

You've got insomnia and your spouse/partner/ cat (in the case of a recently posted idea I'd rather not go into) has to listen to, "I'm Talking Teddy Bear, and it's now 4:04. Mmmmm! Let's cuddle!... I'm Talking Teddy Bear, it's now 4:06..."

How 'bout one of those projection clocks. You give the thing a hug and you get the time on the ceiling. Would kinda de-stress just as you're stressing about the time.

I'm Talking Teddy Bear... and you'd better be nice to me.
-- rowlycat, Dec 22 2002

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