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Business: Theme Store
Walk a Mile Store   (+14, -3)  [vote for, against]
Walk a mile in my shoes...

A theme store where you can experience several hours of realistic recreations of some of the life experiences of your heroes. The store provides the actors and props, say for several famous lives each week. Admire Nelson Mandela? - sit for a while in a mock up of his cell, feel the koshes of the Boers tapping your skull...

Love Wylie E Coyote? Enter a series of cartoon walled rooms and be smashed in a series of zany situations...

(not a call for a list .. :)
-- ConsulFlaminicus, Sep 02 2005

Mr Benn
[Dub, Sep 02 2005]

So... like Mr Benn, then?
-- Dub, Sep 02 2005

As if by magic....
-- skinflaps, Sep 02 2005

I was expecting an idea for a store where you have to walk a set path to get through, even if you know what you want and where it is, thus forcing you to walk a mile. Much like every IKEA I've ever been to.
Not what I was expecting, so [+].
-- Freefall, Sep 02 2005

Very good, would be intersting to see part of Hitler's life, or Stalin's. People who we don't really admire as much.
-- Germanicus, Sep 02 2005

Or anyone who thinks their lot is the most difficult to exist with could submit their circumstances, to allow others to see how they'd cope in your shoes.

(based on that bumper sticker "you could never be me")
-- oxen crossing, Sep 02 2005

+, but, I think it'd be hard to do....

"I wish that for just one time

You could stand inside my shoes

And just for that one moment

I could be you.

Yes I wish that for just one time

You could stand inside my shoes

You'd know what a drag it is

To see you."
-Zimmy, Sep 02 2005
[process for reincarnation, mail him your extra chi]

Oh, my!
-- Zimmy, Sep 03 2005

They say you cant judge a man Until you walked a mile in his shoes

So I stole your shoes And I walked a mile in them

And I still wont consider you a friend

The shoes were a pair of Nikes I do admit I liked these

White and navy blue Your'e a dick in pretty shoes

I must say your'e a dick in pretty shoes And I felt for the kid who had made them

Working his ass off for a loaf of bread And for all I know that kid just might be dead!

They say you can't judge a man Until you walked a mile in his shoes

Does that rule apply to a man who mostly walks barefoot?

Of all my old hippie friends There is one that I can't stand

So I stole his shoes And walked across the land

And now I'm gonna judge that man Cause your'e a dick! Thats your new title For a boy so idle For a boy so maginess

A hundred dollars and then You'd kiss yourself if you had lips

I may not be Tom Cruise But I've got a pair of pretty shoes And I aint giving them back to you! No I aint giving them back to you!

I'm keeping this pair of pretty shoes!

-jens lekman
-- benfrost, Sep 05 2005

What about the opposite? Admire Paris Hilton, dress up like her and make your own home movies!
-- the_jxc, Sep 05 2005

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