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Have a MASSIVE sleep-over!

I've always wanted a bedroom where it was nothing but wall-to-wall bed. Granted, I don't think they make matresses that large, but if you had the opportunity to build your own home, or even just put an addition on your exisiting house, you could specify a room that perfectly fits maby four queen-size matresses. You would also have to build some stairs to get *into* the room (hopefully you would have box-springs) and you'd have to have a REALLY big quilt, but I think it's all doable.

The fun would start when you invite all your friends over and...well...you can leave that part up to your imagination...
-- gb2000, May 28 2002

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All time high-scorer, if you catch my drift. [mrthingy, May 28 2002]

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wanted for gb2000: One room, padded.... ;op
-- yamahito, May 28 2002

Just move into a smaller bedroom.
-- stupop, May 28 2002

...someone would always get stuck sleeping on the ridge between the beds. the whining and complaining would be unbearable. I'm sure you can get a custom built futon in this size.
-- rbl, May 28 2002

Perhaps just a bedchambers as you would want at least some floor area with privacy. Or maybe not . . .
-- bristolz, May 28 2002

How would you change the sheets?

On the other hand, it would keep the monsters safely under the bed.
-- beauxeault, May 28 2002

Just have a rotating mattress and train the monsters to change the sheets.
-- stupop, May 28 2002

Where do you put your drink?
-- waugsqueke, May 28 2002

on the wall-to-wall bedside table in the next room? with your, um, safety items?
-- kurma, May 28 2002

By golly, I gave it a croissant. The objections are way too practical for me. What we're talking about here is a wall-to-wall bed!!!
-- wesweswes, Jun 01 2002

also known as floor
-- Admiral Hackbar, Nov 07 2002

little wall-cavity shelves for drinks. I like it. Don't know why you have so much fish bonage. +

[Admiral Hackbar] not only can our cruisers not repel firepower of that magnitude, but also; your floors are springy like a matress then, are they?
-- Zircon, Nov 08 2002

no Im just horribly fat
-- Admiral Hackbar, Nov 08 2002

Oh my god, i totally thought of this way before you...i have a wall-to-wall bed, its the koolest... i found about 4 cheap matresses and i put them on my floor, theres a bit of space...so i stuffed that with pillows, i love my room. i'll see if i can get a pic of it.
-- RebelliousFerret, Dec 08 2002

All we need now are some chains hanhing from the cealing, a formal release of liability waiver thing, one or two warning lables, a vidio cam, and lets see... how about a squad of cheerleaders?
Got my vote!!
-- Chaos_5, Dec 09 2002

This is a great idea. I also want some small mattresses on the walls in case I roll around too much. NOT like a padded cell you understand, oh no. Not again. Drinks etc: these can go on little shelves above the wall-padding. Maybe they could move up and down automatically. My only fear is getting up: nowhere to put your legs.
-- Mat-C, Jun 27 2005

Almost baked - The Supper Club in Amsterdam - stairs, huge beds and a great menu.
-- TolpuddleSartre, Jun 27 2005

Jumping on beds would be like having your own private bouncy-castle....Just need to pad the walls and mirror the ceiling, add some disco lights....
-- Minimal, Jun 27 2005

I'm pretty sure Hugh Hefner has one of these at the Playboy mansion.
-- jaksplat, Jun 27 2005

I always had the idea of a room with a banniseter about 4 feet high all around, filled entirely with varying sizes of throw pillows.

Everything else in the room is wall mounted or hanging from the ceiling.

Obvious comfort potential, and mad pillow fight action!
-- Giblet, Jun 27 2005

Will there be an alcove for nose pickings, since I can't throw them down the side of the bed anymore?
-- oldchina, Jun 28 2005

Surely if you were having a big "sleepover" (*aside* yeah... riiiight) it would be more interesting to have a bed that doesn't spread people out...
-- sprogga, Nov 12 2005

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