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Judge someones personality by the car they drive.

We've all done it, judged someone by the car they drive. How many times have you, after nearly having being rundown by a silver BMW sportscar, come to the conclusion "that guy is a...."

So, i propose we roll all these over flash and badly driven cars into one new brand the "Wan-Car".
-- imagooAJ, Nov 21 2000

Oh, we get it. It may not be as common over here, but we still snicker when someone says "Wankel rotary engine."
-- Uncle Nutsy, Nov 21 2000

I confess, it took me a couple of seconds. How about a replacement label and/or logo to put on the car?

BTW, I think Wan-Kar has a nice, German sound to it.
-- phoenix, Sep 13 2001

Wan car as in wide area network car? I think a pubwan car would be neat.
-- LoriZ, Sep 13 2001

Rods - or the concrete company called hard-on
-- po, Sep 13 2001

Chevy Nova was a hard car to sell in Mexico.

NO VA = Does not go in Spanish.
-- popbottle, Jul 13 2015

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