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Millions of hits on an ad from a single click

Inspired by Ad Punisher. WarClicker is a program that throws thousands, neigh, millions of clicks at a time on a banner ad. While this would really run up costs for the advertiser, the host would be rolling in green! Find a host you like (yourself?) and million-click away! The downside to this is that it may encourage more ad hosting since the money will be better. It won't last long though, until advertisers reduce per-click rates.
-- wittyhoosier, Dec 11 2006

Thoroughly Baked. A lot of companies have seen clicks go through the roof, with purchases staying moribund.

As you surmise, advertisers are switching to cost per purchase models.
-- DrCurry, Dec 11 2006

/neigh/ I think this idea is a real whinnier.
-- bungston, Dec 11 2006

Clicks are easy to take advantage of nowadays. It was an entire business model for people running banners and warez sites at the same time. In order for anybody to get the password/login to the warez site they would have to click on a number of banners, of which the guy made money with. There are many other ways to abuse the system and the banner-people are always adjusting to these.
-- twitch, Dec 11 2006

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