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Inner turmoil with a good cause.

He's got flame throwers for hands, because his crazy clown step dad cut his hands off when he was a child, and put the flame throwers on. At the time, it was a half witted diabolical scheme to bring the best circus to town; but it failed when an errant flame thrower set the old man on fire. He also fed the boy nothing but corn dogs, so WFC developed a terribly emotional reaction to their sight.

Warrior fight clown is the only being on earth that can see corndogicorns and they are a vicious breed. They resemble giant unicorns with a shaggy coat made out of corn dogs. They breed evil and prey on redheads and the occasional goofball.

He becomes viciously ill when he confronts the corndogicorns, so he carries a cotton candy machine on his back that he uses to net the wild beasts and cover the dreadful sight of all those corn dogs. At this point, he resumes setting the vile things on fire which invariably sends them back to corndogicorn land. However, they have possessed slave children that are more than happy to eat the candy off the beastly bodies, so Warrior Fight Clown is always in a fight against time to engage his candy machine and flame thrower combo routine, which is hard for him because he's somewhat slow, and there's only enough battery power to run one machine at a time.
-- daseva, Mar 13 2009

background 1: corn dogs
[daseva, Mar 13 2009]

What's a corn dog? Only the most unsightly foodstuff in the whole world, according to WFC.
-- daseva, Mar 13 2009

If by //unsightly// you mean //delicious//, then we are in complete agreement.
-- shapu, Mar 13 2009

...too much junk food last night?
I only want to bun this because I think a cotton candy machine back pack is an awesome invention! +

btw [cloud 9] corn dogs taste like doughnuts with hot dogs inside!.. can actually be good if homemade.
-- xandram, Mar 13 2009

If there were only some font which could convey delirious semi-articulate mumbling.

Daseva - please make homedrawn cartoons illustrating this sequence using crayons and your nondominant hand, video them, narrate text, upload to youtube and link.
-- bungston, Mar 13 2009

Corn dogs...yum! Used to be called cozy dogs at the Illinois State Fair. Cozy-Corny I don't care. Dip them in ketchup and gobble. Yay what a mess.
-- blissmiss, Mar 13 2009

After a working day like that, I hope he has a really sympathetic deranged mutant significant other to go home to. [+]
-- pertinax, Mar 15 2009

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