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Washbag assault rifle   (+4, -2)  [vote for, against]
For all you bored and clean terrorists

If you've ever seen "the man with the golden gun" you'll know about the gun from a ciggarette lighter and a pen, well this is an idea for slightyly heavier hidden weapon. You take your seemingly harmless washbag, and once at your chosen destination, you find somewhere private and empty the contents of your bag and start to assemble your weapon, I'm not sure how all of it would work but you can use the actuall washbag as the hand grip, possibly and a deodorant can as the barrel, toothbrush carry case as the pistol grip. This is the weapon for people who have the need for a murderous rampage but just hate those god damn custom officials. Suggestionsns wanted for how to get the rest of the gun assembled, and how to get ammo and such like.
-- kaz, Sep 04 2001

You'd be outgunned two to one by any pro cheerleader.
-- reensure, Sep 05 2001

Just make the gun out of plastic and bullets out of ice. True, you would have to keep a freezer next to you all the time, but they wouldn't be able to find the bullet because it would melt. Oh nevermind.
-- barnzenen, Sep 05 2001

Ice bullets may shatter upon ignition of the propellant (gunpowder, etc.) but there is no reason why a gun could not be made which fashions its bullets out of a hardening liquid (epoxy?), molding the next bullet during each round. Liquid propellant would also be fed to the chamber to replace what would normally be included in a shell.
-- dsm, Sep 05 2001

a bullet shaped mold might be detected...

how about an ice blunderbus firing bits of ice out of the end of a deoderant can... probably only 1 shot but you could carry a couple...
-- RobertKidney, Sep 05 2001

I'm not so sure I should contribute to this, but lipstick could conceal high caliber ammunition, but not that many shots, especially for men. Also, unless you're using a brand I've never seen before, the deoderant would make a better shoulder pad (assault rifle, right?) or even pistol grip, while the toothbrush case is THE best barrel.
-- Deity, Sep 05 2001

Interesting... I think they have cellphone guns too. Read about them on some news site. 3/4 bullets per 'cellphone' and they fire by pushing numbers on the keypad.
-- Delutignot, Sep 06 2001

My little black book has all kinds of weapons that can be made using reasonably available items - muahahaha
-- thumbwax, Sep 06 2001

I think the biggest problem you'd face is the same as that faced in the day of the jackal - to get an accurate rifle you need a long one-piece barrel. Everything else you could probably split off and hide. Ammo caould also be a problem as modern airports have chemical sniffers so compressed air may be the propulsion of choice.
-- st3f, Sep 06 2001

Dsm: Epoxy takes time to harden. You wouldn't be able to fire quickly enough to call it an 'assault rifle'. On the other hand, epoxy bullets might not show up on X-rays, and caseless ammo is baked.

Deity, I think kaz meant a can of spray deodorant, not a rollon or stick...
-- StarChaser, Sep 08 2001

perhaps the FBI would not be so quick to jump on the jellybaby connotation
-- po, Sep 08 2001

[po] True about the jellybabys/bellys/beans. And any left over from the Regan years are probably hard enough to be shot from a rifle.
-- phoenix, Sep 10 2001

If the halfbakery comes under attack for possetion of custard related ideas we simpley have to get jutta to e-mail the old deleted custard related ideas to everybody on the net... (anti-gravity bio-luminecent custard sex execution or whatever it was called springs to mind)
-- RobertKidney, Sep 10 2001

People would still wonder about the firing mechanism inside your deodorant can, or the rifling inside your toothbrush case.

If stealth is that big a problem, build a gun out of carbon-fiber and bullets out of ceramic. Won't show up on a metal detector, and thit should be fuzzy on an x-ray.
-- Macwarrior, Mar 22 2003

Hey[macwarrior], just cause its fuzzy and looks like a gun, I guess the operator wouldn't notice a weapon.
-- jong-scx, Apr 28 2003

what about a brush with a twisted, hollow handle to hide the riflings from an exray and an electric razor with a firing mechanism hidden in all the other mechanisms in it the clip could be the hair bin
-- fuh_teng, Mar 29 2004

How about a bicycle that disassembles and from which a rifle can be built?
-- bristolz, Mar 29 2004

A note on the suggestion of epoxy bullets: quick-curing epoxy's drying is an exothermic reaction, i.e. it produces enough heat to ignite gunpowder, believe me, i've tried it.
-- whatastrangeperson, Apr 09 2004

fire gallium rounds. they melt at 30 degrees C
-- alc, Apr 11 2004

ok, compressed gas seems to be the propellant of choice, but what about a slug of water as the projectile.

or you could just go for the Belgian keyring gun.
-- Herbicide, Apr 14 2004

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