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Washing Machine Partition   (+1, -3)  [vote for, against]
Evens up the load.

Add a perforated removable partition to the inside of a washing machine drum that separates the clothes into two groups.

The partition would stop the clothes sitting in one half of the drum thus preventing the washing machine and the fridge from swapping places during a spin cycle.

The partition would have to be removable so that you could still wash your bedding.
-- st3f, Mar 05 2002

Any idea as to how this might impact the washing ability of the washing machine? Might make it less efficient. You'd also be pushing the water and clothes around instead of just the agitator so you'll need a stronger motor.
-- phoenix, Mar 05 2002

Double Helix Washing Machine Drums - clothes cycled around the whole of the drum. Might need to be quite big though. Have a central spike which time-releases the soap suds throughout the wash and according to the exact amount of material in the vicinity of each sud release pod (by the minutely scaled gravitational attraction of the clothes, minus the water (water weight measured by, um, magic.))
-- sappho, Mar 06 2002

I'm imagining this partition as being perpendicular to the axis of rotation (in the same way that a wheel is a flat disc perpendicular to the axis of rotation of its axle) - I think this is not how [phoenix] imagines it.
-- hippo, Mar 06 2002

I'm going for partition parallel to the axis of rotation so Phoenix is right - this would put more strain on the motor and retro-fitting it to an old machine would be a bad idea.

If you installed the partition perpendicular to the axis there would be nothing stopping the the two halves getting 'in sync' with each other and the partition making no difference. Even if they were out of sync, the torque perpenducular to the axis of rotation would be horrific. The machine would probably still jump, only in a different way.
-- st3f, Mar 06 2002

You could stop your washing machine juddering across the floor just by having two washing machines welded together, configured to jiggle out-of-phase with each other.
-- hippo, Mar 06 2002

Rig the washing machine to spin one way during the first half of the wash cycle, then the opposite way during the second half. That way if it 'walks' its way out of position, it'll 'walk' its way back.
-- phoenix, Mar 06 2002

I prefer to think of it as dancing.
-- beauxeault, Mar 06 2002

Would this be for those "Wash separately" clothes?
-- Pellepeloton, Oct 08 2006

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