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All along the sides of the bridge is a pipe with a number of holes and nozzles attached to it. Water is pumped through and falls through the holes. The nozzles are remotely adjusted to get the desired waterfall effect, and voilà, Waterfall Bridges.
-- tyskland, Dec 02 2002

Inverted Fountain
It is campus legend that student-eating trolls live in the netherworld beneath this waterfall bridge. [jurist, Oct 04 2004]

Angel said "Why?"

Why not? It'll look nice, it'll be a real feature to have a waterfall in your town, when the local geography doesn't normally allow for it.
-- tyskland, Dec 02 2002

I accidentaly deleted the annotation. I meant to click 'annotate' but hit 'delete' instead. But, easy fixed.
-- tyskland, Dec 02 2002

I did ask why, and have been suitably answered. I actually rather like this.
-- angel, Dec 02 2002

me too, as long as people don't throw litter over the edge. I suppose the next thing is people going over in little barrels.
not sure of the category though.
-- po, Dec 02 2002

Well what do you suggest for the category?
-- tyskland, Dec 02 2002

culture - art - landscape?
-- po, Dec 02 2002

-- tyskland, Dec 02 2002

Close enough, i guess. For the record, i envisiged the waterfall on both sides, along the entire length of the bridge, but sigh.
-- tyskland, Dec 02 2002

Makes boating rather exciting, too, when having to pass beneath the bridge.
-- jurist, Dec 02 2002

Extreme PoohSticks.
-- Parvenu, Dec 02 2002

Can we have some waterjet arches over the roads, shooting as we drive under them, too?
-- RayfordSteele, Dec 04 2002

okay- very cool idea and all but let's get realistic- where will the water come from, who will pay for it, and what happens to it after it falls? Drains away? Evaporates? In Colorado they've turned off all the public fountains because of the drought- you get fined by the city for watering your lawn. On the other hand- hey, instant car wash.
-- ASLAN, Dec 05 2002

"trolls or no, that's not a bridge!"

A big, fat, "so what?"
-- bristolz, Dec 05 2002

ASLAN; The water will be pumped up from the river that the road passes over. It will be paid for by both the arts council, public works, and transportation sections of government. If a toll is sused on the bridge, it could pay for itself.

After the water falls, it goes back into the river, ready to be pumped back up again.

And naturally, when there is a drought, the pump will be switched off and restarted again when the drought is over.
-- tyskland, Dec 05 2002

This will aerate the river water, which may have a dramatic impact on the river's ecosystem. On the plus side, you might turn a dead stream into a fine fishing river; on the other hand, you might clog up a vibrant river with algae and pondweed.
-- dalek, Dec 05 2002

But what about my freshly washed car? It'll leave streaks.
-- waxingpoetic, Dec 05 2002

So will driving in the rain. If you don't want streaks on your freshly washed car, then take a different route. By the way, why exactly do you need to drive up and down a river?
-- tyskland, Dec 06 2002

//If a toll is sused on the bridge, it could pay for itself.//
It could, that is, until the monies collected for the toll get funneled into ever-increasing salaries for the toll-takers, leaving nothing left over for the maintainance of the bridge itself. (Yes, this happened locally. Ironically, since the toll money wasn't being used to maintain the bridge, the bridge has been closed down due to safety considerations. Until they come up with the money to pay for repairs, the bridge will be closed indefinitely. How's that for irony?)
-- Pharaoh Mobius, Dec 06 2002

Oops, I forgot to mention that I like this idea, as impractical as it is. It'd be a nice feature for a future "Sim City" game.
-- Pharaoh Mobius, Dec 06 2002

Electronic toll machines would solve that problem.
-- tyskland, Dec 06 2002

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