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wearable housing

Despite furious efforts by our species to accelerate global warming, there are still many places on our planet where the weather can get rather cold. Although I’ve never been to one of these places, I have seen them on google maps and I can imagine people there are stuck indoors sheltering from the cold for many months out of the year. What a pity.

To help these people, I have invented a new technology that will allow them to go outside at virtually any time of year and take the warmth of home with them. I call it the "Wear House".

This solution to the age old problem of cold weather consists of house-like segments that are shaped to the contours of the human body. Small boxy sheds to cover the feet. Tall round turrets to cover the legs and arms. A larger boxy house to over the torso. A roof to wear on top of the head. With proper insulation in each of these Wear House sections, a person could head outdoors without fear of even the most inclement of weather.

But Wear Houses don’t need to be limited to cold weather defense. With modifications to the thickness of walls and the amount of insulation, they could also keep a person dry during rainstorms, or protect the wearer from the damaging effects of UV radiation on sunny days. It would even be possible to create fully submersible Wear House that would allow one to bathe at the beach with friends while still maintaining a sense of modesty.

But wearable shelter made of wood and shingle might not be comfortable to people accustomed to going unadorned. So a second generation technology (still in conceptual development) would reduce abrasion on the wearer's skin by fabricating the shelter components out of sheets of woven plant or synthetic fibers. This advanced technology would further allow flexibility at adjacent segments such as the knee or elbow joints. By "unlocking" these joints, the wearer would be able to move around in a more natural fashion rather than by hopping or shuffling (an admitted drawback of gen 1 technology).

This Wear House technology is intended to solve an until now insurmountable problem faced by inhabitants of earth's colder regions. No longer will people be forced into social isolation in their homes all winter long. Those of us in the warmer climes have enjoyed the outdoors full year round for ages, and now the rest of the world can too.
-- swimswim, Dec 18 2021

Sounds a lot like this ... https://www.google....mgrc=I8Aaq90dgqNn1M
[pertinax, Dec 19 2021]

'Cause she's a... brick... house.
She's mighty mightay,
just lettin it all hang out.
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Dec 18 2021

made for the pun [-]
-- Voice, Dec 19 2021

I have made wearable buildings with my students that sound similar and of course medieval armour again sounds similar but it's a crumb from me for being a well composed idea.
-- xenzag, Dec 19 2021

From the help file: //A cleverly disguised description of a "wheel" is posted about once a year ... If you haven't seen one of those jokes this year, there's your chance to impress everybody with your wit and originality."
-- pocmloc, Dec 19 2021

I have had a similar idea for wearing something like a heated space suit, but in the house. I feel that it’s very useless to heat an entire house when you can only be in one place at a time. Therefore wearing your heat would be a sensible solution. Here’s a warm bun for your idea.
-- xandram, Dec 19 2021

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