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for those who spend far too much time at their computer

A mouse pointer that functions as a weather indicator. The color of the pointer indicates temperature (from icy blue to burning red); pointer direction indicates wind direction (north being up); pointer drift indicates wind speed; pointer shape indicates humidity (from swollen for humid to shriveled for dry); pointer shadow for sunny (no shadow for cloudy, intermittent shadow for partly cloudy); pointer dripping wet for rain; flashing for thunderstorms; etc.
-- nuclear hobo, May 25 2007

[+] I also like windows.
-- ColonelMuffins, May 26 2007

I'm assuming you mean outside...
-- BJS, May 26 2007

the ultimate in laziness, or maybe intense focus... can't even refer to a desktop widget with the temp/weather updated every minute, because it would require taking your eyes off the cursor for a split second...
-- mimz, May 26 2007

This should be physically real. A stalk on the mouse itself sprays water at the right temperature on your hand when it's raining, and air when it's windy. The mouse temperature matches outside. A heat lamp simulates sun on your hand. Lightning strikes should be limited to a safe level.

I like your original version too.
-- caspian, May 26 2007

[+] A very cool idea, though the way cursors are handled at the moment is that each is a bitmap rather than dynamically drawn item. Meaning that you'd need one picture or animated cursor for every conceivable combination of weather conditions.
-- K o R, May 27 2007

[+] macOS uses procedurally generated cursors now. I don't know why, but it does.
-- notexactly, Apr 09 2019

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