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Food: Decoy
Wedding Cake   (+5, -1)  [vote for, against]
Reusable cake

The wedding cake is expensive and oh so temporary. Why not have a plastic form that is decorated with icing for all to admire with only one layer of edible cake. Then, after the traditional cake cutting, whisk the whole thing out of sight so people think the cake is being cut. Meanwhile, a real cake, which has never been decorated in such a fancy and expensive manner is cut into individual portions. You still get the giddy photos of bride and groom in front of the delicate confection. But the cost is decreased dramatically because the baker can reuse the plastic forms.
-- juliec2, Dec 13 2000

Either way, it tastes the same.
-- thumbwax, Dec 13 2000

This is already a strategy employed in Japan. At the wedding reception, a fake cake is cut (only the cut portion, a small slice, is real). The bride and groom then eat that slice, and the guests are fed otherwise. Your idea would be a better version of this.
-- Vance, Feb 05 2001

actually, i think a similar strategy is used here - there is a cake "base" made, could be several tiers, and then the real cake is on top. looks like a many-tiered cake, and as long as the real cake doesn't run out, nobody is the wiser.
-- miss fern, Jul 07 2002

Otherwise, I hear, is very good.
-- bristolz, Nov 12 2002

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