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Now transfer, and stretch, and transfer, and stretch...

Operator: How may I help you?

Customer: I want my money back, you #@$%ing idiot!

Operator: One moment please while I transfer you...

[Operator looks at the set of wireless punching bags, numbered 0 through 9... punches the necessary numbers in sequence... feels much better, and builds muscle tone as well.]

[Optional pre-programmed punching bags, so that only one bag has to be punched for transfer to take place.]

[Even better, both customer and operator would have their own set, and would engage in a good virtual spar.]

[Also has a foot-pedal Pick-Up-the-Phone device/kicker for further stress release. And to top it off, a soft mallet is furnished so that the frustrated employee can whack the intermittently popping up Mute/Hold Moles. Optionally, the Moles could be set up for phone dialing purposes, although missing a whack could cause great tribulation. Note that the headset comes complete with the alien antennae of your choice.]
-- polartomato, Aug 02 2002

Is this a trend towards larger mobile phones with punching bag keys upon which one can work off one's anger? Or maybe a phone booth that can return a body punch or left hook.
-- FarmerJohn, Aug 02 2002

If you could somehow project the face of the caller onto the punchbags, this would be the ultimate Tech Support stress toy.
-- calum, Aug 02 2002

Sorry, wrong mole-whack.
-- waugsqueke, Aug 02 2002

Maybe it could have a keypad on the punching bag, so a rapid amount of hits could take place but you don't have to go to each diffrent punching bag.
-- paranoid, Aug 03 2002

Lots of whacked out cubicle dwellers with "present-tramatic-stress disorder" from toxic management, customers, coworkers, etc. could really benefit from this. Way cool. Someone, somewhere, BAKE THIS! idea.
-- thecat, May 03 2003

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