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In competitions like the worlds strongest man, why not make one of the games 'who can hold this huge block of polystyrene up the longest?' This would have to be an indoor game. The polystyrene used would be built up from the 5x2 blocks that most polystyrene factories make before cutting them up. The blocks are then taken back to factory and used.

This would create a more dramatic effect and would be more entertaining to watch, especially if we imagine two polystyrene bricks on the ends of a bar to make a huge weight.

To give an idea of the scale, density of expanded Polystyrene (EPS) is 25-200 kg/m³. Lets take it at 30 kg/m³, then 1 kg has volume 1/30, so to lift 300kg's, we will need 10m³ of polystyrene.
-- danman, Jul 06 2009

Styrofoam lifting, that's ok. Ahh.. I wish there could be a catch though. Like every once in a while a midget pops out, or maybe some candy and steroids. Also, this is a great idea to implement custard and gain some votes, but don't tell me I told you not to tell me to tell you I told you so.
-- daseva, Jul 06 2009

And for resistance of the group of muscles used to pull down, helium balloons? And if you want to bring the complications and excitement of NASCAR to weight lifting, you could use hydrogen.
-- normzone, Jul 06 2009

//excitement of NASCAR//

And to make it a sure thing, you could have a smoking section.

People would still show up.
-- MikeD, Jul 06 2009

sp. blow up.
-- daseva, Jul 06 2009

[daseva] Especially Eben Bayer's new green styrofoam.
-- danman, Jul 06 2009

Sponsors would love this, as it would, for example, be pretty easy to make your 10m³ of polystyrene in the shape of the Nike swoosh or a Budweiser can.
-- hippo, Jul 07 2009

naturally I approve... (Gym of Parts)
-- xenzag, Jul 07 2009

Heh, heh! Just the thought of those Scandanavian brutes in an "Atlas" pose...
-- 4whom, Jul 07 2009

It would be interesting to allow the competitors choose the density. I would love to see one lifting dumbells the size (and shape) of a car and one lifting dumbells the size of tennis balls (obviously very heavy tennis balls. We may need magnets and/or dark matter)
-- miasere, Jul 07 2009

They could even lift chemical/electrolytic equation representations. Perhaps 2H2O on one side and 2H2 and an O2 on the other, or similar.
-- 4whom, Jul 07 2009

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