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Wheat Wigs   (+7)  [vote for, against]
Look ridiculously trendy and/or trendily ridiculous while saving the planet.

A particularly damp and soggy month of August is causing a difficult harvest for wheat farmers. In my small county of Wiltshire, it's estimated that each farmer will have to pay around £14,000 to have their wheat dried before it can be sold. The current wheat drying process is expensive , and uses a lot of energy.

Worry not, I have halfbaked a step by step plan to ensure that Wheat Wigs will save the day.

1. Mass produce a stack of "Wig Bases"; perforated plastic headgear which are a cross between skateboard helmets and colanders.

2. Convince environmentally/publicity conscious celebrities to don the "Wig Bases" on their famous noggins. Insert straws of wheat into each hole so that a fine head of "wheat hair" builds up.

3. While the celebrities go about their daily business, allow fine publications such as "Crazy Celebs" and "Zoom Lens Monthly" to send their best paparazzi snappers to document the wheat-drying qualities of the celebrity bonces.

4. Distribute "Wig Bases" to Milliners worldwide, ready for the clamor of the hoi polloi as they attempt to emulate their favorite famous person.

5. Lounge back and watch with satisfaction as the world harnesses the wheat drying power of the human head.

6. Allow arable farmers to deal with the finer details of distributing and collecting the drying wheat. After all, we've already done them a big favour by inventing the Wheat Wigs; they ought to do a bit to help themselves. It rarely pays to mollycoddle the agricultural masses.
-- Fishrat, Aug 27 2010

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[Grogster, Aug 28 2010]

I like it because it's really halfbaked + but will the little grains fall off whilst wearing these?
-- xandram, Aug 27 2010

Do not bind the mouths of the kind that trend the grain.
-- baconbrain, Aug 27 2010

mmmm tastes like head.
-- WcW, Aug 27 2010

Better than corn rows?
-- Cedar Park, Aug 28 2010

Everyone will look like human (Reverse)-Chia pets! [link] Brilliant! [Fishrat], hat's off to a great idea... bun [+]
-- Grogster, Aug 28 2010

I posted an idea for a thatched base-ball cap (I have a lot of ideas about hats) but no-one liked it, so I deleted it and made one instead.
-- xenzag, Aug 28 2010

It's been said, to get some head, you need some bread. You, sir, have turned the tables.

-- MikeD, Aug 28 2010

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