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Wheels of steel   (-4)  [vote for, against]
Will be as good as on the day it was made

Vinyl bends and melts when heated and also is easily scratched. Metal is much harder to scratch and bend, especially metals like tungsten or steel.

If records were made out of these materials they should last longer and play better, essential, especially for mixing and scratching in a hip-hop sense. If the tracks were made smooth enough it would also allow the needles to last just as long.

Problems would include manufacture, as the records would have to be milled out rather than pressed, and also the fact that the vinyl is self lubricating and so a light oil layer may be required.
-- miasere, Dec 20 2005

Dont you think they would have done this by now, if it were better?


1) Steel is more expensive
2) Steel will rust
3)Steel will scratch just like plastic. Take Key, scratch plastic; take key, scratch car. Because of the soft, malleability of the plastic, it comes away with less harm. Depending on pressure, it can come away wthout a scratch (no pun intended.).
4) The diamond tips on the players, they would wear out a lot faster.
5) A lot heavier, and harder to spin. Its time to upgrade your record player's engine!

Argh! Ive been possessed by the spirit of PeterSealy!

PS Sorry for niggling away at this idea. I cant find my glasses. THat gives me bad headaches.

PS: miasere, your 5-year HB anniversary is on the 23rd!Pre-happy HB anniv.
-- DesertFox, Dec 20 2005

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