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Where I tread, flowers bloom   (+9, -2)  [vote for, against]

If you walk daily along the same route, say to the train station, take a discreet pack of flower seeds along with you, and sprinkle liberally a little each day. After several months or this, your daily path will be lined with flowers growing along the sidewalk, between cracks in the concrete, at the base of trees you pass every day. Just a little something to brighten your life.
-- simonj, Jan 28 2009

Flower grenade Flower_20grenade
similar sentiment [bungston, Jan 28 2009]

Johnny Marijuana Seed cannabis
This concept seems like the most frequent incarnation of the guerrilla gardener, a term I love. [bungston, Jan 28 2009]

A seed could be added to cigarette filters, which one typically discards along the path one walks. The filters would serve as a sort of mulch to get the seeds started. The discarded cigarette might also burn clear a new patch for the flower to get started in. Later, a discreet pause, possibly aided by a long trenchcoat, could also allow the walker to fertilize said flowers once they begin to grow.
-- bungston, Jan 28 2009

I have a difficult time believing that this idea is limited to guerilla gardening. I was expecting running shoes that were seed dispensers.
-- normzone, Jan 28 2009

[normzone] if you like.
-- simonj, Jan 28 2009

This is a "lets all", and not a very original one.
-- Spacecoyote, Jan 28 2009

no it's not. If we all did it there would be flowers everywhere and the path would be lost.
-- simonj, Jan 28 2009

Freak weather aside, it'd only work during the Autumn months which is when seed is normally distributed - you could try planting a few bulbs as well - daffodils do look lovely in the spring.

The year I moved into my flat, one of the birds that roosts in the roof flew over and pooed a cherry from the nearby park onto my balcony; From its pooey beginnings, it's now living in a great big tub and hopefully will start blossoming in a couple of years.
-- zen_tom, Jan 28 2009

I'd prefer something a bit more instant - perhaps shoes that dig a small hole on each step, and a small plant dispenser in each trouser leg.
-- MadnessInMyMethod, Jan 28 2009

/a small plant dispenser in each trouser leg./

I think this is what zen_tom was getting at with his cherry-pit distributing bird. From that standpoint, you have one big plant dispenser at the juncture of your trouser legs, provided that you eat enough cherries and swallow the pits. In the name of nature!
-- bungston, Jan 29 2009

Sorry Madness. I meant no offense as regards "big". You may have a very svelte and toned plant dispenser.
-- bungston, Jan 29 2009

I think the "where i walk the grass dies", but I'm not putting much effort into that...
-- WcW, Jan 30 2009

//After several months of this// your daily path will be lined with birdshit; the only things that grow without careful cultivation are weeds.
-- FlyingToaster, Jan 30 2009

No offense taken bungston :)
-- MadnessInMyMethod, Jan 30 2009

I like the original idea. Things seem to evolve as long as you keep doing them, sometimes it seems.
-- daseva, Jan 30 2009

Spoken like a man who is unaware of how prickly sunflowers are. Or maybe a man who does not walk to work completely naked, as I think this idea implies.
-- bungston, Jan 30 2009

//the only things that grow without careful cultivation are weeds// Not true - wildflowers come to mind. Plants native to areas with harsh soils might grow wonderfully along your path without cultivation.

I like the idea - why not hardy edibles, like the aforementioned sunflowers or mint? Or if you take the long view, you could distribute rye grass, comfrey, clover and other n-fixers to improve the soil.
-- ryokan, Jan 30 2009

Gets my vote, but it doesn't seem very original.

I used to collect the (regular) poppy seeds from our back garden, and surreptitiously scatter them far and wide, whatever unkempt areas I thought could do with a random splash of red - the periphery of the school playing fields, the local railway embankment, France.
-- DrCurry, Jan 30 2009

What about birdseed? Then you could notice more and more birds along the way as well as plant a few weeds.
-- phundug, Jan 30 2009

/What about birdseed? /

Birdseed is expensive, but birds like table scraps and most people have those. I have seen birds lining their nests with tissue paper as well and so that might be added to the equation.
-- bungston, Jan 30 2009

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