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Because funerals are such downers - my son gave me the idea.

Essentially, it's a coffin that makes surprising sounds whenever it's shifted, or at random intervals depending on how it's set up by the purchaser.

Now, it isn't necessarily a fart sound. 'Cause that'd be tacky.

I reckon Robin Williams would probably spring for one, and probably Gallagher.
-- elhigh, Jan 06 2008

Nokia Coffin http://www.3pointd..../02/nokiacoffin.jpg
No need to drop your phone in. [skinflaps, Jan 09 2008]

tut tut, respect for the dead and all that... dunno how you could even think of such a thing... oops, dropped a cellphone in the open coffin...
-- FlyingToaster, Jan 06 2008

Imagine right in the middle of the funeral service a phone starts ringing inside the coffin with some really annoying cell-phone ring-tone -- and then goes to audible voice mail: "I can't come to the phone right now, but leave a message and I'll be sure to return your call......"
-- jdlaugh, Jan 07 2008

We'd laugh at yours (well to be fair it would actually be a sort of manic cackling, accompanined by a funny little dance, but it still counts).

PS You ain't seen ugly 'till you seen Borg dance ....
-- 8th of 7, Jan 07 2008

No, but we are practicing.
-- baconbrain, Jan 08 2008

I'll take four, one for me, one for myself, one for I, and of course one for guests.
-- TahuNuva, Jan 08 2008

// comedians and idiots ..... Are you volunteering ? //

We'll consider it, but we fear we would be crowded out by Members of the European Parliament .....
-- 8th of 7, Jan 08 2008

+ hehe, maybe even a *groan* or two.
-- xandram, Jan 08 2008

Knocking and faint scratching for the closed-casket services.
-- elhigh, Jan 08 2008

I'm reading at my friends funeral on Friday. He was the kind of guy that would have loved the joke, but I don't think I'd be able to handle the hilarity. Nor would his family. There is a reason that funerals are downers.

Then again, maybe it would help.
-- theleopard, Jan 09 2008

I've never understood why people would want the funeral to be sad. Yes, you're going to miss the person for the rest of your life - we hold a place in the HalfBakery for one of our own - but you won't try to remember the peson's death. What you hold precious and remember is how the person lived.

And I'm a cut-up. I have a terrible habit of awful puns at all times. I'll be the butt of the joke if that's what it takes to get the joke made. So would I choose a Whoopie Coffin? You betcha.

Except I plan to be cremated. My sound effects: "Excuse me? A/C's not working! Helloooo..." Maybe a fine rendition of "Burning for You" by the Blue Oyster Cult. Or the theme song from "CHiPs."
-- elhigh, Jan 09 2008

At this point I don't understand why people would want a funeral to be gleeful. Right now I just feel numb thinking about it. The chance to completely break down will be liberating.
-- theleopard, Jan 09 2008

My condolences [theleopard], loss is not easy. Humour is not easy. Humour at a loss is (not easy)^2.

My grandfather, who was, like myself, not a popular man. Hastened from generally unpopular, to unpopular in general by Alzheimer's in his latter years. He recently departed. It fell upon me to give the eulogy. My Gran, a public speaker of some note, obviously could not. Besides, upon receipt of the box of ashes, she had said: "It's just so *small*". Referring, I think, to the last 50+ amount of years of her life encapsulated in such an unassuming container.
Having taught me such gems as: " To a worm in a horseradish, the world is horseradish!" and others that we, as a family, call the "Chab's Bumper Sticker Collection". It was a difficult farewell. Although comedic content was liberally at hand, given his ways, I hope I struck the median between loss and humour. Loss and humour are, if you have lived a good enough life, partners.
-- 4whom, Jan 09 2008

I promised my son if this thing actually hit 15 positive votes, I'd give him full credit:

It was his idea. It came up in conversation over dinner - dinner conversation can get weird at our house - one thing led to another, and he finally said, "Hey, you should post that on the HalfBakery."

This is the same kid who somehow finds skulls everywhere he goes. It's a little like living with a blond surfer-looking Gomez Addams.

[leopard], my condolences. I wouldn't try to put your friend in an inappropriate light.

I just know that at my own funeral, the best light might be a disco ball.
-- elhigh, Jan 10 2008

You'll be pleased to hear I made everyone laugh with my tribute. I think it was the first and last time anyone has or will ever say the words "Sophie Ellis-Bextor the Anti-Smoking Crab" in a packed out church.

I also got the word "ninjas" in there, which I am particularly proud of.

As for the idea, laughter - yes, it's vitally important on such a sad occasion. But I think it has to be heartfelt and emotional; not crass, which I think this might be.
-- theleopard, Jan 14 2008

I'm reminded of the scene in "Love, Actually" where Daniel (Liam Neeson) cannot finish the funeral quite the way he intended, as his deceased wife has decreed that it must end with a Bay City Rollers song.
-- elhigh, Jan 14 2008

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