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Why cats love to sleep on Keyboards   (+4, -3)  [vote for, against]
Awwww, what cute wittl kitty! ^_^

Cats, love to sleep on keyboards. My old cat used to love that! But why? Well, why don't you try foldin yourself into that curled position? Hurts doesn't it? Your body wants to straighten out. Cats, love keybaords, because the buttons depress and form a concave around them. They love to sit in laps, on blankets, anywhere soft and furry.

So, I have dreamt up the: Cat Nail Bed! Well, it's not really a nail bed, but, there are wooden or metal poles that have a flat top at the top. They are balanced on springs, and stay in place due to the holes they reside in. A thick box provides room for even the fattest cats to sleep on (sleep on the tops of the poles, like a nail bed)! The tops of the poles have a very small gap between them and the other poles.

Your cat, can now sit on these poles, and they will depress to form a concave. A frame surrounds the underside of the poles, so any prying fingers don't get caught in between the poles and the box. Some elastic may stretch from the poles (in the area above the springs, but below the frame of the box) to prevent just all of the poles under pressure from sinking, leaving the ones around it in top position, and allowing the cat from getting it's paws caught in between the poles.
-- EvilPickels, Feb 27 2006

Electromagnet mattress Electromagnet_20Mattress
[wagster, Feb 28 2006]

same thing... http://en.wikipedia...nnerspring_mattress
.... but bigger, baked, and for the cat's servant(s) [sophocles, Jun 16 2008]

How is this better than foam?
-- Aq_Bi, Feb 28 2006

Are there mattresses built along these lines? It seems I've seen an ad for mattresses composed of many narrow spring coils directly adjacent to one another. Maybe I dreamed it.
-- bristolz, Feb 28 2006

sorry to rain on the parade about it, but just get the cat a fluffy pillow or bean bag. :(
-- momocrome, Feb 28 2006

A little like that electromagnetic deformable mattress thing [hippo] once suggested. But simpler, and for cats.
-- wagster, Feb 28 2006

//wooden or metal poles // Would have to be wooden...so if the cat passes away you could just cover it with a sheet and some marigolds, sprinkle some rose water on it, set the whole contraption on fire and float it out in a river. (Don't forget the 'Hell Money' as well as the flowers - all cats go to Hell first and need to pay to get reincarnated as something less evil)
-- ConsulFlaminicus, Feb 28 2006

cats like to sit on *anything* that you are working at - letter writing, crossword puzzle, sudoku, accounts, ironing, food...
-- po, Feb 28 2006

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