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A few days ago I was frustrated to discover that the way I held my pen caused one end (the one closest to the pentip) to unwind, thus making it rather difficult to write for an extended period of time.

I have deduced that this is in part because I am left handed, and that the way I hold my pen is incorrect, due to my primary school teachers were right handed and whilst they taught me well, I developed an incorrect pen-hold, which is apparently very difficult to correct.

So rather than go at length to improve my dexterity shortcoming, I suggest than an easier, less time consuming solution would be to make the pens with the screw threads going the other way. Of course, these would not be useful for right handed people who do not hold their pen correctly, but it would be helpful to those of us who have the odds stacked against us in gaining a correct pen hold.
-- froglet, Oct 08 2006

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(I can't help but feel that finding a pen that doesn't unscrew while you use it would be much easier than manufacturing reverse threaded pen tops.) [DrCurry, Oct 08 2006]

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Did you try duct tape?
-- DrCurry, Oct 08 2006

Perhaps we ought to instead manufacture wedge-closing (unsure of the correct terminology, but I'm sure somebody out there knows) pens that don't require any screwing?
-- shapu, Oct 08 2006

I believe it's termed an 'interference fit'.
-- wagster, Oct 08 2006

"pens that don't require any screwing" - now *there's* a phrase to conjure with!
-- DrCurry, Oct 08 2006

Ah! Serves you right for being a practicing sinistrist in league with all things eldritch.
-- gnomethang, Oct 09 2006

I have to ask; are you a pratchett fan, or does the word widdershins have some meaning in the real world?

-oh, just checked, and it does. hmmm.

[+] for reminding me of a fantastic novel series.
-- Custardguts, Oct 10 2006

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