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Wider Duallys   (+2, -1)  [vote for, against]
Love it or hate it

I've noticed that virtually ALL duallys have about 1 foot wheel wells protruding from the back end of the truck. So, if the box and cab were made as long as the width from one wheel well to another (which means that both wheels will fit under just the box like a regular pickup,) the result would be a few square feet more box and cab space. It would make the truck heavier, but if you want to haul stuff nobody really cares. I suppose the BHP and torque would have to be raised a little, though an upgraded fuel pump would probably fix that.
-- croissantz, Dec 12 2004

Duallys = awesome.

DeLoreans are the best, though. I love those cars.
-- DesertFox, Dec 12 2004

Whats a dually?
-- gnomethang, Dec 12 2004

A pickup truck with one axle at the rear, but four tires. That is, twice as many as normal; dual.
-- swamilad, Dec 12 2004

Not bi or twin then?. Thanks!
-- gnomethang, Dec 12 2004

If money is no object, this shouldn't be a problem. Otherwise, you're throwing away the ability to use the same stock components as used on other pickups and the cost of such a low sales volume vehicle would be relatively high.

I'm quite certain that a friend of mine could create one of these for you from a conventional dually pickup. Bring money and patience. He's a fabricator extraordinaire with an artistic temperament.
-- half, Dec 13 2004

//throwing away the ability to use the same stock components as used on other pickups//

Well, people still use F-450 pickups and they are as far from stock as you can get.
-- croissantz, Dec 13 2004

I really should have said the ability to use the same body components used on many other models (a key component in controlling costs).

I may be missing your point. How is the F-450 not stock? The cab, the dash, the seats, the bed, the tailgate, the bumpers, the fenders, the hood, etc. are all unique to the F-450? Cab-wise, in the one picture I looked at, it looks to be the same as the F-350. I suspect the F-250 and F-150 or whatever use a large number of the same body components. You were talking about making a model with a wider body.

Well back in to the history of auto manufacturing, the same cab was used on 1/2 ton up through much larger cab-over style trucks (though the fenders and such were different on the cab-over style). That's what I was referring to.

I'm not voting one way or the other, just bringing up something to consider. See ya.
-- half, Dec 13 2004

Maybe, but I'm sure that a lot of companies would save money by buying a few of these duallys rather than a whole fleet of mid-sizers and 3/4 ton trucks.
-- croissantz, Dec 13 2004

How about designing a truck with a split rear axle and a wide truck bed, the center portion of which (i.e. the part between the two wheels) is on a hydraulically-operated ramp so that when it's in the raised position the truck has a large flat bed, but in the lowered position the rear end is lower and it can thus be used as a ramp (probably requiring some extension, but still requiring less lifting than if the bed were always at full height)?
-- supercat, Dec 14 2004

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