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Wii Physiotherapy   (+14)  [vote for, against]

Some physiotherapy relies on the patient performing certain actions to exercise or stretch certain muscles or joints. With Wii Physiotherapy, the trained physiotherapist will set up the patient's Wii console with a programme of specific exercises for the patient to perform, chosen from a large library. On their next visit, the phisiotherapist can review the 'scores' to see how well the patient has done.
-- hippo, Jan 07 2008

Nintendo Thumb
The pain of gaming. [Noexit, Jan 07 2008]

Use the accompanying Wii Suit Wii Suit
[theleopard, Jan 09 2008]

seems like they are baking this! http://www.marketin...s-physical-therapy/
[xandram, Jan 15 2008]

I too have had some physical movement ideas for wii (golf swing tutorial). oops already available
-- dentworth, Jan 07 2008

Perhaps this should come bundled as standard with Wii Sports, to counteract the wrist pain that I (and presumably also others) have developed while perfecting my devastating cross court topspin retun.
-- calum, Jan 07 2008

Might help reverse Nintendo Thumb. Seems a fair trade.
-- Noexit, Jan 07 2008

Don't get Boogie then [calum] or your hand will literally break off at the wrist.
-- jhomrighaus, Jan 07 2008

Would toilet training be called "Wee Wii "?
-- xenzag, Jan 07 2008

No it would be "Wii Wee".
-- jhomrighaus, Jan 07 2008

Or perhaps "Pee Wii".
-- jhomrighaus, Jan 07 2008

Just like the game in which you collect vagina jam samples, from benfrostium (tm) titled " Wii bii Jammin' "
-- 4whom, Jan 07 2008

I'm waiting for Wii Porn with the inevitable Celebrity Wii Wanking.

"She's upstairs, she set her Wii Russell to long and de-sensitized; she might be some time."
-- DenholmRicshaw, Jan 07 2008

Knowing someone who should have done lots of physio but in fact never did, I'd say this was a very good idea. In fact I will: it's a very good idea [+].
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 07 2008

Thanks, [MB] - and to the rest of you, yes, I know it's a rule that every Wii-related idea must degenerate into a discussion of the potential for Wii Porn, but try and restrain yourselves, OK?
-- hippo, Jan 08 2008

//bii Jammin'//

I'm buzzing already.
-- theleopard, Jan 08 2008

// but try and restrain yourselves // Are restraints included?
-- marklar, Jan 08 2008

+ and I would just shorten the name to *Wiisiotherapy*.
-- xandram, Jan 08 2008

If you used the Wii system to practice adjusting your false hair piece, then were able to see an accurate visual representation of the results, would this be called: Wiisiwyg ?
-- xenzag, Jan 08 2008

its weird, suddenly hearing [hippo] with a voice that kinda sounds like Russell Brand.
-- po, Jan 08 2008

What do you mean? My normal speaking voice has always been just like Russell Brand's.
-- hippo, Jan 09 2008

ah, what with all the jangling of the bling, I'd not noticed it before.
-- po, Jan 09 2008

Wii Psychotherapy - allowing you to fully explore your feelings about getting a Wii. As you hold your controller, the machine senses tense or nervous movements and invites you to tell it more about your previous experiences with game consoles.
"Tell me about your SNES..."
-- zen_tom, Dec 17 2009

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