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Give the hex of 1,000,000 songs.

A radio which has a cellular phone subscription with Napster2Go which lets you listen to any song ever recorded. You would pay a certain fee every month and be able to select any song (out of 1,000,000)at any time and they would stream over the airwaves. It would have built in stereo speakers and a display to tell the song title/artist name. A unique feature would be the Year dial which will play all songs recorded that year.

I got this idea by modernizing my medieval "Fortune Radio" which plays songs from the future (which is now now) and making it electronic.
-- Amishman35, Sep 13 2005

//any song ever recorded//

//any song (out of 1,000,000)//

Which is it? The first figure is much higher than the second.
-- wagster, Sep 13 2005

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