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Wind-Powered Amusement Park   (+6)  [vote for, against]
Dad, can we go to Windy Park today? The weatherman said there would be a gale later.

Amusment Park.
On a hill.

On calm days you have to content yourself with the roundabouts powered by the millstream in the valley.
-- st3f, Jan 07 2005

(?) Hershey Park http://www.hersheyp...ucation/energy.html
[po, Jan 07 2005]

Gyromill Windpowered_20Gyromill
[st3f] you may place this within your park, if you so wish. [skinflaps, Jan 07 2005]

it *is* very bloody windy today!
-- po, Jan 07 2005

Will I get to meet Windy Miller at last?
-- skinflaps, Jan 07 2005

That's where the idea came from, po. I was stuck in traffic on the M1 watching the wind-turbine at the alternative energy place whizz around. It got me thinking about high-g rides based around big propellors, flywheels and clutch plates.
-- st3f, Jan 07 2005

as you do. :)
-- po, Jan 07 2005

ah, not *that* kind of wind then...
-- hippo, Jan 07 2005

thinking of withdrawing my bun on the grounds of noise pollution. there are 350 odd kids in the playground all screaming into the wind at the tops of their voices.
-- po, Jan 07 2005

Ah, the memories [po] screaming into the wind.

"Oy, who's nicked me little bottle of milk"
-- skinflaps, Jan 07 2005

they don't get milk any more but the little ones get fruit.
-- po, Jan 07 2005

[looks at skinflaps' link] Looks like there's a bit of prior art on this. If you like this idea, please give skinflaps a croissant.
-- st3f, Jan 07 2005

I was tempted to write, "Oy, who's nicked me little cherry?"
-- FarmerJohn, Jan 07 2005

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