Product: Weapon: Bomb
Wind-Up Bombs   (-2)  [vote for, against]
Reuseable Victrola style bombs.

A spiral spring that is sharpened on the long ends and encased in a cylinder that opens with the push of a button. Can be wound by hand or with an electric motor or gasoline/deisel engine.

When sprung, one half of the cylinder will protect the user while the open end will have the sharp spring cause serious cuts and eye injury to the enemy.

Another variation on this idea would be to use wind-up car-bombs. The 900 kWh of energy could do some damage.
-- Amishman35, Jun 29 2002

There is a non-harmful version of a 'wind up bomb', which looks like a classic anarchist bomb, that you pass from one to another while ticking & the person holding it when it goes off is 'it'.
-- pfperry, Jun 29 2002

The problem is that the weapon is reusable. It could therefore be picked up by an enemy and used against you the next time. A fool once quoted a wise man saying, "Never bring anything to a fight that you don't want used against you." Why should you incur the expense for building your enemy's weaponry?
-- BigBrother, Jun 29 2002

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