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Reflective overlapping blinds reflect the outside in.

Keep these blinds shuttered, but a mirrored condensing convex curve on the outside overlaps with the concave inside which decompresses the image. This creates a representation of the outside world, for watching car crashes unseen caused by so many reflective mirrors everywhere.
-- rcarty, Dec 11 2014

The words and letters from your deleted annotations are harvested, and processed in the fertile mill that is the origin of the approximately 350 postings of this nature that festoon the user page of this creative force.

The characters are condensed and decompressed into convex curves. This is done in order to keep Halfbakery costs low, and the savings are passed on to you, the consumer of these representations of the outside world.

Also I think he gets grumpy if you don't respec him sufficiently. Check out his presence on some other parts of the interweb and you'll see some trends.
-- normzone, Dec 11 2014

Vertical or horizontal stripes like an old TV ?

Hard to clean. What with dust and bloodied cart parts.
-- popbottle, Dec 12 2014

[rcarty], with all due respect: is the idea to offer a wider field of view than can be had just by looking out of the window itself?
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 12 2014

The idea? I can imagine it that way, doesn't mean it will necessarily reflect any sort of coherent image, that's the painstaking side. I could go as far as to say there are two of those blinds rotating levers that slightly adjust the reflected beams of the blinds.
-- rcarty, Dec 12 2014

I see value in this concept if it completely eliminates visual data, in allowing daylighting without a view path. However, properly designed bright white blinds (diffuse reflective) will achieve the same result with a much simpler design.

If it's intended to produce a view of the outside, it doesn't work, because any optical path that creates a reasonable image on the inside also creates one on the outside.
-- MechE, Dec 12 2014

For [rcarty], the inside is the outside.
-- pocmloc, Dec 12 2014

-- FlyingToaster, Dec 12 2014

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