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Rolls up your car windows in the event of rain

Pretty much self-explanatory.

Since rain sensors to activate wipers are becoming more popular (at least in high-end automobiles), why not have them pull double duty?

When the engine is off and the sensor detects rain (enough that the wipers would be triggered if the car were running), a tone sounds and any open windows begin closing at half speed. The tone is to make sure no one has a favorite appendage sticking out a window. The slow speed allows pets to pull *their* appendages back as well (not that you should be leaving your pets in an unattended vehicle).

If nothing else it'll save someone a trip to the parking lot when sudden downpour hits.

Anyone think this might be a useful household product?

{Changed name to be more descriptive.}
-- phoenix, May 17 2002

Summertime parked-car fan http://www.halfbake..._20parked-car_20fan
HB idea [supercat, May 17 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Could it be added to carriages?
-- HRH-Prince Alexander Of Ruthenia Ceaser To The King, May 17 2002

do not have an argument with the wife while dangling your favourite appendage out of the window. she may try to sabotage your neat device. croissant for you, p.
-- po, May 17 2002

Do you normally leave your car unattended with the windows open?
-- pottedstu, May 17 2002

Perhaps phoenix owns a dog, or a similar pet.
-- HRH-Prince Alexander Of Ruthenia Ceaser To The King, May 17 2002

It's pretty rare that I leave my windows rolled down (I'm a Detroit boy) but I've been known to if it's especially warm outside. There are many people at the training facility at which I work who do leave their windows rolled down as a matter of habit, weather permitting. They're the ones who tend to get caught short.
-- phoenix, May 17 2002

Since vehicles don't seem to have the Summer Parked Car Fan (see link), it is often necessary to leave windows partially open in the summer to avoid having the interior of the car get so hot as to damage tapes, CD's, etc.
-- supercat, May 17 2002

Just remember not to use your window's edge as an armrest.
-- oatcake, May 09 2003

real nice so on a hot summer day with your kid or dog in the car, if a sprinkler hits your car, you fry them inside.
-- smok44, Aug 20 2003

Great Idea! You can get one of these at
-- Rainman, Apr 13 2005

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