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Vehicle: Car: Security
Window security shields   (+5, -2)  [vote for, against]
Retractable metal shields protecting the glass

Since a considerable number of vehicle thefts occur in which the side glass is smashed to gain entry, a system of metal protective shields could be included in the doors and roof (for the front and rear glass), electrically operated when the car alarm is set. The deterent value would be pretty high, as it should take some pounding to get through even thin sheet steel, compared to glass.
-- drew, May 11 2002

Batmobile, circa 1989
[Cedar Park, Oct 04 2004]

...and another benefit that's just occurred to me - no need to ever defrost the glass. No snow/ice/frost, just retract the steel covers and away you go.
-- drew, May 12 2002

I think it would still ice up, drew.
-- po, May 12 2002

Maybe slightly, but nothing like the half-inch layer you might get without protection. A plastic sheet over the windscreen usually means there will be essentially no frost on the actual glass when it's removed in the morning.
-- drew, May 12 2002

visualising car thieves with tin-openers. someone smashed my car windows for my large stuffed gorilla that I kept on the passenger seat.
-- po, May 12 2002

Sympathy on the loss of your beloved Gorilla
-- thumbwax, May 12 2002

I called him "passenger", thumb. she remembers fondly. Or were you talking about my ex-husband?
-- po, May 12 2002

I picture this as something like the retractable armour on the Batmobile in the first Batman movie (well, not really the first if you count the 1966 movie, but you know the one I mean -- the one with Michael Keaton).
-- mwburden, May 13 2002

A little bit like that - just more realistic, covering only the glass. I was imagining it preventing the opportunist thief smashing a window and reaching in for the contents (regularly shown here on tv as a 13-year-old on a bike - the thief that is, not the contents), rather than all out armour.
-- drew, May 14 2002

Note to self -- no tv before bed.
-- reensure, May 14 2002

Windows isn't secure, period. You will have more luck trying to armour a BSD or something like that.
-- neelandan, May 14 2002

Didn't Knight-Rider have this feature? Anyone remember David Hasselhoff with flares and big hair?
-- Mayfly, May 14 2002

Every time I read this title I mentally add, "with wings, for extra protection."
-- waugsqueke, May 14 2002

[neelandan]: With Windows there would be no point - who would want to take it anyway?

[Mayfly]: I don't remember this feature - however, I only really remember the red lights going side-to-side, and the fact that it talked and could drive itself around, so it could easily have had them.

[waugsqueke]: I can't stop grinning about that line...
-- drew, May 14 2002

Blissmiss Your ramblings are far too graphic for me. I'm trying to eat lunch and feel quite neaseous.
-- Mayfly, May 15 2002

(Film-baked): Are you thinking of the steel armour utilized by the Batmobile?
-- Cedar Park, Jan 05 2003

Hey drew did you see if there is a patent on this shield thing.or is someone already making a car with this idea?
-- Rich3, Sep 15 2003

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