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For cars with high condensation factors

In dear old Blighty, autumn has hit with a vengeance. That means, wind, rain, coldness and a large amount of condensation on the inside of windscreens (windshields for those in the US).

The old chamois leather is so last century. I mean, who wants to spend their time rubbing away at the inside of their car's windscreen simply to remove a small amount of water. Instead, the modern motor vehicle has a wiper mounted inside, that cleanly and effortlessly removes the condensation without smearmarks, without noisy blowers working away, and without having to sit in the car for five minutes trying not to breathe.
-- PeterSilly, Nov 26 2003

Squeegee heaven http://www.haviland...indowsqueegeesb.htm
[Klaatu, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Where does the water go that the wipers remove? Does it just fling it all over your 'Rich Corinthian Leather'? Why not just buy yourself a squeegee and wipe it off? <link>
-- Klaatu, Nov 26 2003

my ex-boyfriend used to keep a stuffed toy cat on the dashboard, that I had given him - poor thing suffered from haemorroids from the treatment it got!
-- po, Nov 26 2003

[Klaatu] - //Where does the water go that the wipers remove?// into the small channels on the dashboard just inside the windscreen, draining out to the sides through one-way valves.
//Why not just buy yourself a squeegee and wipe it off?// a squeegee still requires manual effort.
-- PeterSilly, Nov 26 2003

po: um, just what was he doing with it?! No, wait, don't tell me.
-- DrCurry, Nov 26 2003

it had a constant cold wet bum.
-- po, Nov 26 2003

Get out and walk PeterSilly, you idle bugger!

(refrains from posting Windscreen Viper - for deterring people from sticking leaflets and tickets under your wipers)
-- DrBob, Nov 26 2003

Actually [DrB] - I usually do, the mile-and-a-half into work. It's a bit difficult to walk from Reading to Southampton...
-- PeterSilly, Nov 26 2003

Get a product called Rain-X Anti-Fog and apply it to the inside of your windshield. Works wonders.
-- krelnik, Nov 26 2003

If there is any place selling paintball accessories, get some anti-fog treatment ... I can tell you from experience that the whole scene is obsessive about anti-fog
-- Letsbuildafort, Nov 26 2003

I'll bet its been done before, but in the paintball industry "anti-fog lenses" are the standard thickness Lexan lense with another inner plastic pane which keeps the area close to the actual lens cool and moisture free ... works like a CHAMP, and you can even buy them aftermarket for arround $5, if you didn't wanna pitch-in an exrta $20 for the factory stuff

Simply apply this to car windows ... they help resist damage on the inside of the windshield ... but for simplicity (and cost)'s sake its easier to go with [krelnik]'s idea
-- Letsbuildafort, Nov 26 2003

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