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Computer: Screensaver
Windshield Screensaver   (+20)  [vote for, against]
Computer Screen Saver looks like a windshield

Similar to those other screen savers that take a snapshot of your current desktop and then start "melting" it, or "squishing" it, this screen saver would start to look like little raindrops were falling on it, every now and then (interval could be a user controlled setting) a windshield wiper would clear the screen (of course leaving the edges still rainy just like a real windshield).

Rate of rainfall would also be a user controlled setting.
-- blahginger, Oct 21 2000

(?) (Nod to Dire Straits) [Ander, Oct 04 2004]

Gorgeous! And every once in a while, a bug splashes on the screen, gets smeared around, and takes a few wipes to vanish.

Working title: Screenwiper?

(Hm, the bug concept is baked for windows. No rain or wiper blades, though.)
-- jutta, Oct 21 2000

Without the wipers, it's just another "raindrops" screen saver, which are ubiquitous and boring. The wipers are key!
-- egnor, Oct 21 2000

Yeah, I've seen this one too. I liked it...Something like it came with the alternate Windows 3.1 shell 'Dashboard'. Was nyfti. No bugs, though...
-- StarChaser, Oct 21 2000

I'd like to have this for worktime usage too. When it's raining outside, I can give myself that feeling in my cubicle by turning the wipers on on my computer. The screen would darken and rain streaks would slash while I worked.
-- phundug, Dec 07 2005

Um, Mr [Ander] sir, um, your link doesn't point to an idea. Is it meant to do that?
-- dbmag9, Dec 07 2005

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