Food: Alcohol
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Stick it on to reduce/stop consumption

Same principle as nic-o-patch. Comes in 3 variations: Red Wine; White Wine; Sparkling Wine. To reduce consumption apply one patch, your choice. To stop consumption apply all three at the same time.

When you remove patch, your consumption can resume without any side effects.

Great for dieters who need to stop drinking wines for a period of time to reduce weight
-- bobzaguy, May 12 2001

What trace chemical would these patches deliver?
-- bristolz, May 12 2001

Trace chemical? Not sure. Maybe the famous neuro-chemical that causes that "little voice" to say ' . . .don't drink that now, stupid, you are trying to diet.
-- bobzaguy, May 12 2001

There is a drug that will induce, I think, rather violent nausea if alcohol is consumed after the drug takes effect. If I recall correctly, experts advise against its use among alcoholics, but I don't remember whether that's for reasons of ineffectiveness or dangerous side effects.
-- beauxeault, May 12 2001

That drug is called antibuse (disulfiram).

My point (question) was that transdural patches can deliver nicotine effectively because it is an insanely potent (and toxic) chemical that happens to be the addictive agent in tobacco, but what chemical in wine is analogous that could be delivered transdurally in an amount that would work? I think a patch the size of a bedsheet soaked in ethyl alcohol might work . . . maybe.
-- bristolz, May 12 2001

Spelling: 'Antabuse'.
-- StarChaser, May 13 2001

Abusing ants is just plain sick.
-- sirrobin, May 13 2001

And tough, too. Have any idea how hard it is to find a cat 'o .09 tails?
-- StarChaser, May 13 2001

Call me sick if you like, I'll just keep doing it.
-- thumbwax, May 14 2001

Why not drink Vodka instead. Virually no calories.
-- CasaLoco, May 14 2001

No cal huh? The USDA says that's not quite true. Vodka= 1 1/2-fluid-ounce jigger 105c; Wines Table, red or white, 5-fluid-ounce glass 100c. But the good news is that alcohol has no fat content to build up
-- bobzaguy, May 14 2001

Compared to wine it has virtually no calories.
-- CasaLoco, May 14 2001

Compared to a 25 kilogram sack of sugar this pork chop has virtually no calories.
-- sirrobin, May 17 2001

I think I'd rather just get fat.
-- DrBob, May 17 2001

Wouldn't a cabbage patch be better, delivering all the goodness of cabbage without the taste. It could come with a free doll...
-- Bedford Van, May 17 2001

Damn. I was going to post an 'alco patch' and foolishly looked first to see if I'd been beaten to it.
Presumably, after tobacco, alcohol will be next. It will be increasingly unnacceptable to use alcohol, and links will be found between drinking and all major and minor diseases (including earthquakes, global warming and athlete's foot). Research will show that 'secondary drinking' is a major risk factor for those around you, and pubs will ask you to step outside if you want a quick drink. Airlines will ban drinking and fit ethanol detectors in the lavatories, and the government will tax alcohol at levels of..(no, wait, they already to that).
Then, the 'alcoPatch' will come into its own. It'll need to be big (probably the size of a small towel) to hold a worthwhile amount of alcohol, and perhaps the ethanol will be supplemented with a hint of DMSO to aid skin penetration.
-- Basepair, Jun 21 2005

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