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Winter ninjai toque   (+1)  [vote for, against]
a fold out mask for windy days

I thought of this walking back from class today. basicaly it is a toque(a winter hat, not a cooks hat, for those unfamiliar with canadian terminology) but it has a face mask to go from chin to the nose that is stiched to the inside bottem of the toque and flips out, somewhat ressembling a ninjai mask. When not needed it can be fliped back into, or possible around the outside, of the toque. The face mask would be thin but wind resistant used mainly to keep the wind off the face. Making this ideal for mildly cold areas that have high wind chills. This would be an alternative to balaclavas or scarves because balaclavas look stupid unless your sking, snowmobiling or biking. scarves don't look as goofy but are extra thing to carry around when inside(I'm thinking from a university student in class perspective) and put on when your leaving.
-- i-Mer, Nov 23 2005

Sorta like this, maybe?
[DrCurry, Nov 23 2005]

I guess you're using the Canadian spellings there.

There are a bunch of toques and/or knit hats out there with various schemes for fold-down face masks. I'm thinkig this is Baked, except without a picture it's hard to be sure.
-- DrCurry, Nov 23 2005

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