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Public: Contracts
Wont   (+6, -3)  [vote for, against]
A list of people who might have killed you, and everything about them.

This document accompanies a Will; it is called a Wont. It is a detailed list of your adversaries, where they live, why they hate you and any nasty details that might get them to crack if they did in fact kill you.
-- daseva, Jul 25 2008

Hopefully this would be a short list.
-- Zimmy, Jul 25 2008

Put me on yours. Just for giggles. In fact, I want to be one everyones list. Not that I want to do anyone harm, I just want to be on the list so. It'll throw off the profilers when you're done in by a serial killer.
-- Noexit, Jul 25 2008

[daseva]&[Noexit]: "'"&"'". &[+].
-- nineteenthly, Jul 25 2008

[+] Although it didn't help much in the case of Nicole Brown Simpson.

//might get them to crack if they did in fact kill you.// It got O.J. to write a book, "If I Did It". Does that count as cracking?
-- Klaatu, Jul 25 2008

I thought that this was wont, as one is wont to do: for example, one who's "wont Is to say very sharp things and do very blunt." (from the OED, my bedside reading). If I really had my art about me I would have used some other compartably archaic anglosaxisms in this anno.
-- bungston, Jul 25 2008

I just wont do it. (+)

and you cant make me.
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jul 25 2008

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