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Wooden Ruler Ensemble   (+17, -2)  [vote for, against]

The sheet music is in inches or centimetres.

-- skinflaps, Feb 07 2007

(?) Solo performance http://freesound.iu...wSingle.php?id=5590
Not very inspired. [nomocrow, Feb 08 2007]

(?) Daxophone http://www.windworl...pages/daxophone.htm
The ruler evolved [5th Earth, Feb 12 2007]

As a person who can't hold a ruler for long without "twoinging" it over a table edge, I must applaud this idea [+].
-- Veho, Feb 07 2007

You may play the 4 by 4 plywood trumpet.
-- skinflaps, Feb 07 2007

-- zen_tom, Feb 07 2007

hardly original!

<plays tissue and comb>

gawd, I hate that tingly feeling.
-- po, Feb 07 2007

//hardly original!//

What shall we play for you?
-- skinflaps, Feb 07 2007

Brilliant. First performance should be the Super Mario Theme.
-- calum, Feb 07 2007

a repeat of last night's serenade?
-- po, Feb 07 2007

A serenade you say?.."a 1 a 2 a 3.."
-- skinflaps, Feb 07 2007







Thank you.
-- Veho, Feb 07 2007

Out of interest.

(How many rulers would you need to replace the instruments that make up a philharmonic orchestra?)
-- skinflaps, Feb 07 2007

we shall now hear a fine rendition of Steve Reich's minimalist master-piece "The Clapping Music" played for us tonight using a mixture of metric and imperial measure rulers applied to graffitied school desk tops. This will be followed by the Ball-Point Pen clicking sonata in A flat, accompanied by the Bra-Strap Twangers. +
-- xenzag, Feb 07 2007

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Minuet in 5"# tap-tap-tap {hush}...
-- Dub, Feb 08 2007

For sheer instrumenting power, one can scarcely better a carpenter's folding ruler. When strummed it sounds like a soulful tuning fork.
-- reensure, Feb 11 2007

Can I play the 'Big Bass Ruler'?
-- Jinbish, Feb 11 2007

that'd be a yard stick you have there [Jin']

Bagsy a ruler wind section.
-- skinflaps, Feb 11 2007

There are a couple of women from the percussion section that I fancy.
It's too bad they're all nuns.
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Feb 11 2007

There's a serious instrument called the Daxophone that operates on the same principles as the old "ruler off a table". It sounds excellent, and I'd love an ensemble of them.
-- 5th Earth, Feb 12 2007

"In 1971, plastics engineer and pioneering instrument designer Boob Mog introduced the world to the Plastic Ruler, giving rulerists around the world a completely new canvas of sounds to work with." - excerpt from 'Rulers and Desks, a view from the 20th century sproinging scene'
-- wagster, Feb 12 2007

//Boob Mog//
Pronounced, of course, "Bowb Moog"
-- calum, Feb 12 2007

...give 'em an inch and let there be music.+
-- xandram, Feb 12 2007

Reverberation is what just about what every other talent deaf band thrives on in the first place. No bun for you!
-- quantum_flux, Feb 14 2007

...and then there was Crazy Don, the nutjob artist of the family, who played an electric protractor in a band on Thursday nights. Thursdays, because Star Trek TNG came on on Fridays.

It's weird, it's fun, it's sort of mathy. I'll bun it.
-- elhigh, Feb 22 2007

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