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Holographic screen cover for work evasion

You know those privacy screens they sell for laptops? This idea is similar to those, but it will have to be an entire display, rather than a screen insert.

*note: I may be using the wrong word here - when I say hologram, I'm meaning the type of thing that changes image as you see it from different directions -- like on fancy bookmarks, or best buy gift cards, etc.

This will be an electronic, real time changing hologram display that will show the active window from one direction, and whatever is behind it from another direction. so, say you enjoy looking at the best website ever (the Half Bakery) while at work, and you don't want your boss to see. You would open up a work-related program/webpage, and then the Half Bakery, and from your view, the monitor would show the HB, and from any other angle, it would show the work-related page/program.

This may require two graphics cards, treating each angle as a different monitor... but I'm not sure how I'd go about this.
-- CaptainClapper, Jun 09 2007

You just need to know who's around... _27The_20Who_27_20Moditor
(talkin' 'bout my generation...) [theleopard, Jun 11 2007]

Surely, this would get your fired. Thinking up ways to stay lazy at work? It's called work.
-- twitch, Jun 10 2007

hmm, the holographic screen cover seems a bit like magic to me.

How about a modified version of the polarised security displays used in some airports. These diplays have pixels that can transmit light in either in vertical or horizontal polarisation. The secure infromation is displayed on the horizontal orientation pixels, while the rest of the display is shines vertically polarised light. To the casual observer the screen looks white, whereas the computer user wears horizontally polarised glasses so they can only see the secure information.

The modification to this system would embed the secure image (horizontally polarised pixels) in a fake image (vertically polarised pixels). The casual observer would see an overlay of the secure and fake images. If this was done cleverly this overlay image could be chosen to always display something that resembled work.
-- xaviergisz, Jun 11 2007

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