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The theme park for the morning after

To include: very comfortable sofas with bucket beside each, sick-note generator fax machines, a bath that stays warm and has the right oils and bubbles to make your skin feel like it's not exuding alcohol, greasy spoon cafe, a bar (for those who believe in hair of the dog), sunglasses for all (even though the light levels are already muted to an acceptable darkness)

I can't think of any more at the moment. It's after mid-day, but it feels far too early in the morning for me.
-- lewisgirl, Jun 06 2001

Been overdoing it, have we? I remember having felt your pain.
-- angel, Jun 06 2001

i've think most of us have already been on this ride. next time try drinking two glasses of water before going to bed, and maybe some aspirin as well. you'll feel a lot better in the morning.
-- mihali, Jun 06 2001

It was all I could do to find my bed, never mind the water and the aspirin! I know that it's brain shrinkage that gave me that headache (mercifully, nearly gone now). I'll add that as another area in the park - saline drip chaise longues.
I have to do it again tonight and tomorrow night too (an awards night and then the General Election - stay up all night and watch a landslide, it's what us crazy kids call fun these days).
-- lewisgirl, Jun 06 2001

If brain shrinkage is the problem, perhaps some kind of vacuum sealing inside the skull could prevent this from happening.
-- -alx, Jun 06 2001

Offer a "Take the Kids to Work" dayoff special family rate.
-- reensure, Jun 06 2001

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