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Battle Royale with Cheese

contestants battle to the death using only a fine selection of cheese board.

Argh the molten mozzarella is burning my skin

He has a sharpened Gran Pandano and is not afraid to use it.

The stench of the Danish blue is overpowering, I cant tell where I am going.

Is that an Edam Cannon on the horizon

This Jarlesberg is boring me to death.
-- PainOCommonSense, Oct 22 2012

Another of those FPC (First-Person Cheesemaker) games?
-- hippo, Oct 22 2012

My so called Smart Phone mangled all the text !
-- PainOCommonSense, Oct 22 2012

What is Chees?
-- pocmloc, Oct 22 2012

//What is Chees?// Apparently it's a byproduct of Smartphone text-mangling. Perhaps there a spell-checker app for said Smartphones?

Or maybe a chees app...
-- Canuck, Oct 22 2012

Ok that's it. No more ideas on the train into work. Strictly well documented spell checked etc. I bet Leonardo didn't have to worry about this level of peer review. I may have to ... "! sdrawkcab gnitirw trats"
-- PainOCommonSense, Oct 22 2012

... much as the way magnetic monopoles are.
-- 8th of 7, Oct 22 2012

Thank goudaness we've not lapsed into a round of cheese-based puns again.
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 22 2012

Chees is what everybody says to the camera except your aunt who says Salami.
-- pashute, Oct 22 2012

// cheese-based puns //

Yes, that would be a Feta worse than death …

(Yay, pun AND anagram, and on a triple word score too! Mornington Crescent in 3 moves …)
-- 8th of 7, Oct 22 2012

Is that a partial Feta, or a feta complete?
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 22 2012

[+] cheese warfare
-- FlyingToaster, Oct 22 2012

There's stil tons of puns yet to lay on the board.
-- pocmloc, Oct 22 2012

Just give everyone a Brie-f summary.
-- 8th of 7, Oct 22 2012

What if contestants cheat by eating their opponents' arsenals?
-- Phrontistery, Oct 23 2012

That needed careful typing …
-- 8th of 7, Oct 23 2012

Weapons of Ca§ destruction.
-- FlyingToaster, Oct 23 2012

Käse Wilhelm
-- AbsintheWithoutLeave, Oct 23 2012

Leicester be clear, chimay be so bold, you've gouda be Kidderton! I was talking to my Italian Grana, "Whya you have a Stinking Bishop?", she replied she was trying to disguise the smell of a small horse; "itsa mask a pony!"
-- zen_tom, Oct 24 2012

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