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Plunge with fun

I remember when I was a young lad. I had one of those small plunger type metal spinning tops, that when you pushed down the plunger on the top it would spin and move around for quite a long time on the floor.

I propose something a lot BIGGER.

This Xtra Large brightly coloured spinning top would allow you to stand on a static circular ledged platform as part of the outer of the top, with stabilized supports.

As you repeatedly "push and pump" the plunger rod handlebar with both hands, the platform would rise to the outer middle.Once in position repeat the "pump and plunge" which at the desired point, release the clutch on the handlebar and the stabilizers will rise upwards as the top starts spinning wildly.

Due to the platform/ledge being static, it is only the top that spins, as long as you keep plunging you'll keep up momentum.

Crash helmets recommended.
-- skinflaps, Jul 30 2004

Spinning top with plunger
[skinflaps, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Yeah! Adapted pogo stick? if it's got a ball bearing type thingy on the bottom, you could shift your mass to move about (unless gyroscopic effects take over)
-- unclepete, Jul 30 2004

The platform is seperated from the spinning top, imagine a split gap in the middle of the 'top where the ledged platform is held via a bracket system a few inches outwards wrapped around the 'top.It's the bottom that spins and moves the 'top around with you on it. The idea is really a large 'top where you wind it up with the plunging rod without you spinning with it, but with you still on it.

And yes a pogo-stick would be cool.

Sorry i don't have the ability to provide a picture, just my imagination.
-- skinflaps, Jul 30 2004

This might be fun, though I have to say I am hungover right now, and the thought of spinning around on tops makes me want to puke.
-- energy guy, Jul 30 2004

So, a giant top you can ride. the only problem is that there must be some degree of friction between the spinning part and the static ledge, and eventually you'll end up spinning around as fast as the top itself, and thus unable to plunge anymore. But it'll still be fun.
-- 5th Earth, Jul 30 2004

It's not the lateral vs vertical that's the issue, it's the whole action / reaction thing that 5th is referring to.
-- RayfordSteele, Jul 30 2004

//if it belongs somewhere else, will move// I think it does and I just kicked it
-- tasman, Jul 30 2004

What, life isn't already like this?
-- Ander, Jul 31 2004

With the toy top, the reaction is so small it really isn't felt all that much, but after the top is going and the plunger is at its state of rest, it begins to rotate with the top. It's inevitable that you will begin spinning. Much like attaching a top to an electric motor. The electric motor, no matter how much more it weighs than the top itself, will eventually start spinning and the top will eventually quit rotating due to friction on the ground. I like this idea, so I'll put my two cents worth in.

Instead of a conventional plunger top, use a giant rubber ball at the contact point of the ground. It's basically a platform suspended over this ball. Much like a pogo stick with a big rubber ball on the bottom. The ball itself is contained in rollers, and uses the principal of a ballpoint pen. Some rollers have electric motors to spin or rotate the ball. The spinning mass rotates around this platform allowing centrifugal forces to act upon the platform. Thus, you can push and pull to start the spinning, and use controls to manipulate the ball so you can steer. I would think that accelerating the mass would cause you to rotate oppositely even with the friction of the ball, so you counter this with the controls for the ball.
-- destructionism, Jul 31 2004

Ok, so in order to make this work I will need a giant biro and a rubber ball?
-- skinflaps, Oct 28 2006

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