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We're goin to eat at the...

It's nice to eat at the


It's fun to eat at the


So have a bun

'cause its gonna be fun

at the YMHB!

It's fun to eat at the


It's great to eat at the


Here it comes

the lovely cuisine

it make me want to sing...


It's nice to eat at the

-- croissantz, Aug 22 2004

My 1st song, and i'm happy with it.
-- croissantz, Aug 22 2004

Not very PC for the YW's
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Aug 22 2004

[2 fries] I work at a YMCA, they let women in too...
-- swimr, Aug 22 2004

Well then I guess that wasn't very PC o'me.
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Aug 22 2004

The odd thing is, is that the YW's actually only let women in...
-- swimr, Aug 22 2004

I'm a YW and I'm not offended in the least. I am a bit miffed that you left out the verses and only wrote the chorus, though. And I hope you've thought of a way to spell out HB with your arms while shakin' that boo-tay.
-- Machiavelli, Aug 22 2004

<completely gormless>

Is 'back scrubber' like 'carpet muncher'?

-- ConsulFlaminicus, Aug 23 2004

I can't believe you just asked that, [CF].
-- Machiavelli, Aug 23 2004

Feel the shock, taste the appall.

I can make a lower case h and b [Machiavelli].
-- harderthanjesus, Aug 23 2004

I don't really care, it's unisex. I just don't want to change the song to Y-U-H-B. It doesn't sound cool.
-- croissantz, Aug 23 2004

I'm very impressed, [harderthanjesus]. And I'm not an easy one to impress, either.
-- Machiavelli, Aug 24 2004

Or E-W-I-H-B (Everybody's Welcome In the Half Bakery.)
-- croissantz, Aug 24 2004

The obvious question..

Having been to too many minor league sporting events where they still do the world's tackiest YMCA dance..

how does one do the arms for the HB part again? :-)
-- adamosity, Aug 24 2004

H you do lower case with one arm up, one arm bent at the elbow and touching the straight arm's elbow with your hand, (probably more of a lower case b I suppose),and B is with both arms out to the side like the 'C,' only with wrists bent inwards.
-- RayfordSteele, Aug 24 2004

Wearing a village people Indian outfit, I suppose?
-- RayfordSteele, Aug 25 2004

No [Ray]...the biker outfit. Please.
-- Machiavelli, Aug 25 2004

argghhh i knew what it would be and i clicked on it anyway why whyyyyyyyy.
-- Gulherme, Aug 27 2004

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