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deposit core compost from landfills into your yard for recycling and fertilization.

Admittedly, there are many things wrong with this idea.

First you inject a tiny little metal ball into your yard about 6 feet down and press the button. It explodes, hundred of tiny directed explosions causing a network of tunnels in your yard. Then you inject a gas that deposits a nonbiodegradable polymer composite partially on the walls. This keeps the walls from filling in as fast.

Polymer deposition from aerosol has been studied, along with the tunneling capabilities of directed explosives.

Now that your network is ready, you simply install the syringe pump over the injection hole and insert the core shipments you receive in the mail. You may have to add water.The core is pumped throughout your network which can now hold a couple tons/acre/year and your yard is now the proud owner of greener plants, greener worlds.

Core material will be removed of all nonbiodegradable elements before shipping.

The whole thing is free to use and you may even get checks in the mail from the government.
-- daseva, Feb 12 2009

What is core compost?
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 12 2009

The explosive idea won't work and the one that does is more work than simply digging up your yard.... you could do what everybody else(tm) does: fill a composter and every once in awhile take stuff out and spread it on the lawn.
-- FlyingToaster, Feb 12 2009

So there is this tiny little metal ball that explodes to open a network of tunnels that is able to hold a tonne of earth, then the tunnels are stabilized with nonbiodegradable plastic, that will later hold the compost? You fill compost into plastic tubes to effect what, exactly? Why does the government pay me to do that?
-- loonquawl, Feb 13 2009

It would dissolve the existence of landfills? Core compost refers to deep layers of landfill waste, [MB]. I'll look for a more suitable term. Toaster, can you elaborate as to why the explosive could not work. As I recall, you can do pretty much anything with explosives.
-- daseva, Feb 13 2009

... you could make a small pretty stable initial chamber: the walls are compressed, but your mini-tunnels will collapse: they haven't been "fortified" by the heat and pressure of the explosion.

I'm not entirely sure, but I think the "core" in "core compost" refers to a drill-core sample, not the depth (though that makes sense too).

I like your idea: I think they're implementing that around here to the minor extent that they pick up organic waste and you can go get free compost, but what's wrong with just grinding it up and laying it on top ?
-- FlyingToaster, Feb 13 2009

I think the idea is you don't have to look at it, or worry about mulching it into your lawn, etc. I think a tunnel digging robot rental service is what's needed here.
-- Spacecoyote, Feb 13 2009

I think the plastic tunnel lining is going to impede the absorption of the compost's nutrients into the surrounding soil. And soil doesn't often go down very far. Why not just use a lawn aerator that's modified to inject compost into the holes it makes?

// As I recall, you can do pretty much anything with explosives. //

-- notexactly, Apr 23 2019

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