Science: Unit of Measurement
Yays   (+4, -1)  [vote for, against]
A new unit of measurement, the average height of a hand raised horizontally.

Now when you say something is "yay high" , it's absolute.

"The pony's about 1.4 yays high."
-- DrWorm, Dec 05 2009

The Cubit
Average length of elbow to wrist. [Jinbish, Dec 05 2009]

The Hand http://en.wikipedia.../wiki/Hand_(length)
Unit of height (length), typically used to measure horses * pony's height..
(not the fictional evil gang nor a group of cards.)
[Jinbish, Dec 05 2009]

I thought that the arm raised would be related to a vote of 'yes' - perhaps expressed as a percentage or proportionality.

Let's be a bit more specific. Is the Yay to be average total height of a person with their arm outstretched vertically? Or just the outstretched arm or outstretched hand?
-- Jinbish, Dec 05 2009

-- tatterdemalion, Dec 05 2009

The version of the Bible which is in the metric system seems to define a cubit as half a metre.
-- nineteenthly, Dec 05 2009

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