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Yo! Gravy   (+10, -3)  [vote for, against]
A glorious fusion of Western cuisine and traditional Eastern delivery techniques

In branches of Yo! Gravy, a customer will find themselves seated in front of a gently flowing gravy canal, and is encouraged to utilise the provided runcible spoon to scoop out any tasty morsels that might bob or otherwise float past.
-- zen_tom, Nov 11 2008

Yo! Noid!_Noid
This looks like a job for... [Spacecoyote, Nov 11 2008]

I *thought* I'd seen the term "gravy canal" before... Turf_20Piano
I love gravy. Imagine the yorkshires floating past [+] [theleopard, Nov 11 2008]

Yo! Did I get any on me? http://img.dailymai...tle3PIN_800x538.jpg
[Amos Kito, Nov 11 2008]

a great side-idea http://en.wikipedia.../wiki/Falkirk_Wheel
you must find some way to incorporate this into your gravy :) [samosa_pirate, Nov 14 2008]

This sounds a bit on the messy side for me. I think I'd prefer my Yo! Gravy establishment to use a small Hornby set to deliver tasty morsels bedecked in gravy.
-- Jinbish, Nov 11 2008

<sings> yo, yo, yo my (gravy) boat merrily down the stream.
-- po, Nov 11 2008

Don't worry about the mess [jinbish] - emergency bibs and napkins will be provided by small motorised craft that speed to the scene of a disaster.

The Yo! Navy.
-- wagster, Nov 11 2008

//gently flowing gravy canal// - why not "white water" gravy rapids?
-- hippo, Nov 11 2008

And for dessert, m'sieur, Yo! Custard.
-- coprocephalous, Nov 11 2008

THe hole that the gravy goes down at the end of the channel, will that be by any chance the Gravy Drain ?
-- 8th of 7, Nov 11 2008

There should be a parallel stream with which to dump any unwanted portions. The two streams should be unmarked. +
-- daseva, Nov 11 2008

Don't cross the streams.
-- hippo, Nov 11 2008

//The two streams should be unmarked.//
[daseva], this is 'food: restaurant: menu selection'.
'food: restaurant: evil' is over there -->
-- neutrinos_shadow, Nov 11 2008

gravy train?
-- jaksplat, Nov 11 2008

How will this system cope with mushy peas ? Will they have to be floated inside a yorkshire pudding ? That would be acceptable.....
-- 8th of 7, Nov 11 2008

The mushy peas will drown in their own foulness.
-- wagster, Nov 11 2008

... and at the end of the day, the leftovers get all mushed up, making a starter-batch for the next day's [+]
-- FlyingToaster, Nov 11 2008

...and of course, there will be a parallel river of custard to float the puddings in.
-- hippo, Nov 12 2008

<looks and points dramatically upwards> Psst, [hippo] </lapdu>
-- coprocephalous, Nov 12 2008

-- hippo, Nov 12 2008

// The mushy peas will drown in their own foulness. //

Ahhh, an Unbeliever. Well, we know how to deal with your sort of heretic, [wags];

"Prepare The Legume Cauldron !"
-- 8th of 7, Nov 12 2008

I'm desperately trying to crowbar together an idea for a Nippon- Hispanic Asimovian restaurant so that I can call it "Yo! Robot".

Salsa stream - possibly reminiscent of some kind of data flux? With robotic arms to dip sushi in?

-- theleopard, Nov 12 2008

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