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User-inputted subtitles for YouTube clips.

I find using a computer much more convenient when the sound's off. However, I must turn it on again when I'm viewing video clips, often from YouTube. The majority of these involve speech as the only crucial audio.

I propose that subtitles be enabled on YouTube clips. These could either be sent in by the uploader immediately on uploading the clip, or by other users watching it. The subtitles can then appear, if requested, along with the video clip.

This has additional utility beyond the obvious: bilingual users could add a translation to the video, so that foreign users can also understand. People could create joke subtitles with humerous wordings to replace the original dialogue. I'm assuming that there could be several different sets of subtitles that one could enable.

Now everyone (short of the blind) can enjoy the inanity of the web. Hurrah!

EDIT: The transcript could also be included in plain text for the blind to have read to them. Also I gave up with trying to spell, so putted a different word in place of the mistake.
-- dbmag9, Jan 01 2008

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Sp: input. (I've putted this comment in for clarification.)
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 01 2008

How about providing a transcript in text as an ALT tag for a dummy image on the page? That way, blind people could have it too.
-- nineteenthly, Jan 01 2008

Why as ALT text? Why not include the transcript as plain text?

Oh wait, this is my idea...
-- dbmag9, Jan 02 2008

You do know this is baked, right?
-- nineteenthly, Feb 10 2013

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