Halfbakery: Song: N-Z
You Know Its No Good   (+8)  [vote for, against]
Think Amy Winehouse.

Meet me downstairs in the bakery
With its brilliant minds and its bigotry,
You cooked an idea I could ‘bone all night
And we locked our horns in intellectual fight.

Your protestations come to impotence,
All around you there’s a fishy stench,
The annos flood, you’re ego’s sore,
You refresh the page, you’ve been ‘boned some more.

You embarrassed yourself, like I knew you would.
I told you, your post was trouble,
You know that it’s no good.

-- Fishrat, Mar 19 2008

"I'd like to dedicate this next song to my elf..."
-- Fishrat, Mar 19 2008

That's great. It's a good album, too bad the girl has so many problems. We can only hope she survives and continues to make good music, two big challenges right there.
-- normzone, Mar 19 2008

<pedantic sub-editor> "It's." </ps-e>
-- theleopard, Mar 20 2008

sp: "</p.s.-e>"? Perhaps "</p.s.e.>" if you are Canadian?
-- sprogga, Mar 20 2008

Cheesus, you guys are so pernickity!
-- theleopard, Mar 20 2008

Which anus flood?
-- Fishrat, Mar 20 2008

<mildly off-topic> If she does manage to kill herself, she'll be immortalised. If she stays alive, she'll only vaguely be remembered in a few years, great talent though hers is.</m o-t>
-- david_scothern, Mar 22 2008

How prophetic. RIP.
-- Fishrat, Jun 10 2012

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