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You blew it up! statue   (+27, -1)  [vote for, against]

Can't believe this doesn't exist..but if it doesn't:

The You Blew it Up! statute is the top half of the Statue of Liberty, about 30cm tall, for burying in the garden (that is, sticking out of the ground). Should look a little worse for wear like it's been there a while.
-- simonj, Nov 21 2010

Goddam you all to hell! http://www.ballardi...s/statue_planet.jpg
[simonj, Nov 21 2010]

Get digging. (+) http://www.monsterm...ty-fiberglass-resin
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Nov 21 2010]

Lady Liberty on Lake Mendota, Madison, WI, 1979 http://www.museumof...ty_on_Lake_Mendota/
Note that a later prank by the same perps featured pink flamingoes. [Jim Bob of Merriam Park, Nov 23 2010]

-- DrWorm, Nov 21 2010

(+) the link
-- blissmiss, Nov 21 2010

-- Boomershine, Nov 21 2010

Time to replace the garden gnome and more rarely seen plastic pink flamingo.

Thought provoking, sublime, a halfbakery classic. [+]

In case people didn't get it you could have a little Charton Heston doll on it's knees with it's fists clinched in anger. Add a motion detector so it yells "Goddamn you all to hell!" as people walk by.

In fact, I think just the motion detecting doll yelling "God damn you all to hell!" would be a great addition to any backyard garden.
-- doctorremulac3, Nov 21 2010

How could it not be?
-- blissmiss, Nov 21 2010

//Is this inflatable?//
//How could it not be?//
-- mouseposture, Nov 21 2010


I would very much like to see a mini golf version of this. In fact a mini golf course where all the holes are famous movie scenes would be fantastic.
-- mitxela, Nov 21 2010

In icy conditions, it could form the basis of a "Day After Tomorrow" tableau. [+]
-- 8th of 7, Nov 21 2010

Well I found a resin one 30 inches tall. How tall would that be in centimeters when burried?
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Nov 21 2010

-- po, Nov 22 2010

[po] You can't have buried it very deep, then.
-- mouseposture, Nov 22 2010

[+] want!
-- xandram, Nov 22 2010

A host of broken monuments can be implemented. Let's take a trip to Apocalypse Express! [+]
-- daseva, Nov 22 2010

DOUBLE bun for a catering truck parked just out of the shot! [+]
-- Letsbuildafort, Nov 22 2010

Damn you all to Hell!.
-- gnomethang, Nov 24 2010

- the anthropology of Liberty?
-- Zimmy, Nov 27 2010

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