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Halfbakery: Voting
Yupela Mepela 'Bun'   (+1, -5)  [vote for, against]
'When you say 'Bun' in English, we Pidgin English speakers hear 'Bone'

Yupela tok 'Bun', mumbawun nokut. Tok Pisin 'Bun' min Inglis 'Bone'.

Yupela plis tok 'Bret' na 'Pis'. Oke?
-- ConsulFlaminicus, Mar 05 2006

Tok Pisin, an introduction by Jeff Siegel
[jutta, Mar 05 2006]

lime spatula? WTF? http://www.tok-pisi...D*get&Submit=Submit
[jutta, Mar 09 2006]

Lime spatula. http://www.lewiswar...obriand/page05.html
Used for chewing betel nut. I have a decorated lime holder from PNG. [spidermother, Mar 09 2006]

-- wagster, Mar 05 2006

ConsulFlaminicus beschwert sich darüber, daß das englische Wort für Brötchen in der milanesischen Taubensprache "Gräte" bedeutet. Oder so ähnlich.
-- jutta, Mar 05 2006

Sehr interessant, die deutsche wort "Gräte" ist wie "great!".
-- wagster, Mar 05 2006

I lived in PNG for a year when I was about 3 or 4 years old. I don't remember much, but we lived out in these hills just covered in grass. I was really little, and when the wind was blowing, the hills looked like waves of green water, and I was afraid I would sink.
-- DesertFox, Mar 05 2006

I lived in JPG for a while. It was much smaller and simpler than PNG but I missed the beautiful transparency channel so I moved.
-- wagster, Mar 06 2006

I heard that GIF is quite moving.
-- Ling, Mar 06 2006

Aye,'tis home to an animated people.
-- Cuit_au_Four, Mar 09 2006

[jutta] re your link... I believe that is a 'Kalkspachtel'.
-- ConsulFlaminicus, Mar 09 2006

Oh. I was thinking lime, as in one third the scurvy-fighting power of a lemon. (Thanks for the beautiful link, spidermother!) What amused me was that it came up as a homonym of love, laikim. Guess those betel nuts must really be something.
-- jutta, Mar 09 2006

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