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Happily painted nuke to show those kids that even though you're going to get blown to thousands of radioactive chucks of man meat, we still love you. Also makes for a nice Christmas gift.
-- croissantz, Nov 13 2007

First thought: Maybe they could paint a smiling pink elephant on it with big floppy ears to slow it down. Then people looking upwards would see a flying pink elephant decending on them.

Second thought: Perhaps, if your thinking about Christmas 2.0, someone might paint the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse on there. This would make a crazy religio-political leader happy.

Either way, these are really bad thoughts. [-]
-- quantum_flux, Nov 27 2007

According to [skinflaps], there's a mod for DefCon which delivers pressies and fireworks instead of warheads.

This idea is less poetic than that.
-- wagster, Nov 27 2007

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