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Zen Rock Gardening Moon Bots   (+18)  [vote for, against]
Two bots working together.

You have a RockBot, and a RakeBot sent to the Moon.

The RockBot picks an area based on the number and spacing of stones it can move.

Following it's various pre-programmed algorythms, it arranges the rocks, and marks them with a low power laser, while the RakeBot targets them and remembers their relative positions.

The RakeBot then drags its large sand rake, arranging small little RoboZen gardens around the stones for astronomers to view from the ground, without changing the familiar face most of us can see on the surface.

Solar powered, they continue indefinatelty.
-- Giblet, Aug 05 2008

Halfway down, under Computer Science
[normzone, Aug 05 2008]

A Grand Day Out http://en.wikipedia...iki/A_Grand_Day_Out
Reminds me of this... [Jinbish, Aug 06 2008]

Reminds me of the creepy...
[theleopard, Aug 06 2008]

Lunar Zen Garden Lunar_20Zen_20Garden
[ldischler, Aug 07 2008]

As long as they don't go Von Neumann on us.
-- normzone, Aug 05 2008

If a rock falls on the Moon, in a near vacuum and with nobody there to see it, does it make a sound? [+]
-- Wrongfellow, Aug 05 2008

Now would the moons increase in chi affect the tides any?
-- baslisks, Aug 06 2008

The sound would travel through the whole moon, and perhaps even disturb the sodium atmosphere a bit.
-- Voice, Aug 06 2008

Every now and then, one of the 'bots should strike a bronze gong. Since there is no air to transmit vibration, the Silent Gong will add immeasurably to the Zen quality of the garden.
-- 8th of 7, Aug 06 2008

+ very cool and nice to see bots working together for a singular purpose!
-- xandram, Aug 06 2008

Can the bots start hollowing the moon out when they are done?
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Aug 06 2008

[8th of 7], that's beautiful.

A croissant falls on the moon.
-- baconbrain, Aug 06 2008

[8th of 7] best laugh I've had in weeks. A big Zen belly laugh, completely contained within.
-- Giblet, Aug 06 2008

What [theleopard] said.
-- wagster, Aug 06 2008

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