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A quiet place in a busy internet.

Picture a website with nice simple lines and an orderly layout like the halfbakery, only with no content. Nothing to focus on except a few well proportioned lines, maybe an abstract form for a logo. There would be a chat room with an empty message board, posting would not be possible. The members only page would be empty with a small message "You are all members". The search page would simply read "You have already found it."
-- wagster, Mar 17 2005

In other words:
[RayfordSteele, Mar 17 2005]

CSS Zen Garden
A web site that exists solely to demonstrate what is possible with Cascading Style Sheets. I guess it is not quite as "zen" as you describe, but it does have "zen" in the name. [krelnik, Mar 17 2005] [Worldgineer, Mar 17 2005]

My Zen Website http://www.purple-p...ite/Site/index.html
[wagster, Mar 24 2005]

-- po, Mar 17 2005

I'm here..or not...
-- skinflaps, Mar 17 2005

-- Basepair, Mar 17 2005

<licks hanky><wipes spot off basepair>
-- po, Mar 17 2005

<adjusts bite against treebranch overhanging cliff, and continues hoping the zen master doesn't wander by today in the most sublime fashion possible>
-- Soterios, Mar 17 2005

-- Basepair, Mar 17 2005

Oh my Buddha, [Basepair], will you shut up already? I'm trying to meditate!
-- Machiavelli, Mar 17 2005

Heh, like you annotated on silence group. I'd go there again and again hoping for new developments and whadoyouknow? there aren't any. Haaah, big sigh of relief, there is tranquility on the web with this idea.
-- zeno, Mar 18 2005

Maybe just a counter of howmany people have visited? Or better yet, howmany people are currently enjoying the peace of this site?
-- zeno, Mar 18 2005

CSS Zen Garden is fantastic, [krelnik].
-- bristolz, Mar 18 2005

One thing's for sure: the site load time would be phenomenal.
-- Soterios, Mar 18 2005

<< sigh >>
-- britboy, Mar 18 2005

<Worldgineer> Ha!
-- DesertFox, Mar 18 2005

Use Worldgineer's # of Annos idea, but view the ones with a zero count.
One has stepped into the Halfbakery stream, but the current topic has moved on.
-- Ling, Mar 18 2005

The Master doesn't try to be bunned;

thus he is bunned.

The ordinary man keeps reaching for buns;

thus he never has enough.

The Master does nothing,

yet he leaves nothing undone.

The ordinary man is always doing things,

yet many more are left to be done.

The kind man does something,

yet something remains undone.

The just man does something,

and leaves many things to be done.

The moral man does something,

and when no one responds

he rolls up his sleeves and uses force.
-- Zimmy, Mar 19 2005

[krelnik] you got their first with the garden.. inspirational.
-- neilp, Mar 19 2005

The source code for the zen website:


-- BPhilpotts, Mar 19 2005

Surely it would just be:


Or even:

-- lostdog, Mar 19 2005

I've run up a quick site to show you all what I had in mind (link).
-- wagster, Mar 24 2005

I love it.
-- yabba do yabba dabba, Mar 24 2005

Most impressive [wagster]
-- scubadooper, Mar 24 2005

Great - there should be 'about' and 'contact' links too.
I'm trying to think of what the Zen Flash version should look like.
-- hippo, Mar 24 2005

Peace, wags.
-- Shz, Mar 24 2005

-- zen_tom, Mar 24 2005

wags, that's great. I hope you intend to keep the sight up.
-- Zimmy, Mar 24 2005

So...peaceful. Great job, [wags].
-- Machiavelli, Mar 24 2005

That would be very nice. I don't know how to do it though. I can't use Flash and I think an animated gif would merely repeat itself. If anyone can tell me how to do this I'll whack it in.
-- wagster, Mar 24 2005

Great execution, wags. +
-- Etymon, Mar 24 2005

[Ian] I can't seem to get that svg thingy to work (in IE or Firefox)- do I need some kind of plugin?

Also [Unabubba] did you get a chance to find the URL of that Chinese poetry site you mentioned way back up there?
-- zen_tom, May 12 2005

Adobe has a good SVG plugin.
-- Worldgineer, May 12 2005

Ah yes, got that working on IE, but Firefox still doesn't get it - I'll look around. [Later] - Looks as though Firefox just doesn't do it right now - svg support is planned for a later release.
-- zen_tom, May 12 2005

Seriously, I felt more peaceful once reaching that site of worldwidewebness...

A bun serves no purpose for such creator of enlightenment...
-- daseva, May 12 2005

I dunno ... that zen website seems a little busy to me.
-- Soterios, May 12 2005

Heh. It's still up. +
-- Zimmy, Oct 24 2005

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